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Welcome to The Wargamer's feature article series, "The Raw Recruit." This weekly feature offers release dates for upcoming computer and board games. The list doesn't include every computer or board game being released, however it does include almost all of the games we believe The Wargamer's audience will enjoy. The release dates presented in this article are for North American releases only and indicate "shipping" dates, not necessarily guaranteed in-store dates. Most major PC titles are released on Tuesday or Wednesday and are widely available across the country by Friday. These release dates are provided in association with The Wargamer's affiliate merchant partner, GoGamer.  Please send any new game release announcements to

New Releases

June 22 - June 28
Star Trek: Elite Force II
World War II: Frontline Command
Star Wars Galaxies

June 29 - July 5
Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
Endless Ages
Titans of Steel: Warring Suns
Korsun Pocket

July 5 and Beyond
Pirates of the Caribbean
Operation Barbarossa: IL-2 Campaign Pack
Disciples II: Servants of the Dark
Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic
Republic: The Revolution

The Raw Recruits for the Week of June 22

The trend for game releases over the past few weeks has been one of delays: a number of widely-anticipated titles have been pushed back further into the summer.  The most noteworthy of those titles include two Matrix Games titles, Titans of Steel and Korsun Pocket, and this week's latest delay is for Republic: The Revolution, the political strategy/management game which has been in development for years upon years.  The title was pushed back from a late June release to a mid-August release by Eidos, who explained the game would see further testing and play balancing in the extended two months of development time.  We're certainly quite eager to get our hands on a build of the game to see how this intriguing political strategy title stacks up.  But for the time being, we'll have to endure further delays.

So what is coming out this week?  Four top-flight games, and depending on your tastes, all of whom deserve gamers' attention, if not their monies.  Up first is Strategy First and The Bitmap Brothers' World War II: Frontline Command, the 3D real-time tactical World War II title which puts players in the role of field commanders and this manage the battlefield shortly after the D-Day invasion of Europe.  Our detailed preview of the game offers plenty to start on, but our full-blown microsite - launching later this week - will be an excellent repository of helpful information, strategies, tactics and plenty more.  Continuing on the theme of wargaming-focused games is Eagle Games latest board game, Attack! and its immediately available expansion pack, Attack! Expansion.  Announced on Monday, this World War II board game package is available for a pre-order discount of $40 instead of the regular $60 until June 26th, the games' shipping date.  Attack! is a World War II strategy game which has been called a more complicated version of Risk: once again, I strongly recommend our detailed preview for the proper introductions.

For the more mainstream of gamers, two other games await - although those gamers will need to be sci-fi fans.  Up first is Star Wars Galaxies, the Star Wars universe MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) created by the original developers of EverQuest for Lucas' software and publishing house, LucasArts.  The NDA for this game was recently lifted, and while the buzz has been decidedly mixed (too much of the same-old MMORPG for some, just the right does of Star Wars for others), the game will arrive mid-week and is expected to do particularly well on retail shelves.  Our resident MMORPG Chris Massey has written up an excellent preview which will be published on this coming Wednesday.  Finally, Activision will release this week another game set in a famous sci-fi universe, Star Trek: Elite Force II.  For fans of Star Trek, this game is set just after the return of the U.S.S. Voyager from the Delta quadrant, at a time where the Enterprise, still commanded by Jean-Luc Picard, needs the spec-ops "Hazard Team" to clear out baddies and general hostiles throughout the Enterprise's missions.  Elite Force II is a sequel based on the 2000 game, and like the original game, is powered by the first-person Quake 3 3D engine.  Like the original, Elite Force II will once again take the proven formula of Star Trek phasers and fast-paced, free-wheeling shooter action and likely do well among shooter fans.

Top Ten Selling PC Games

Here's the top ten selling PC games list for the week of June 1 - June 7 (courtesy of NPDTechWorld).

Top Ten Selling PC Games
1) The Sims: Superstar
2) The Sims Deluxe
3) Rise Of Nations
4) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
5) The Sims: Unleashed
6) Finding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World Of Fun
7) Finding Nemo
8) Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
9) Enter The Matrix
10) Command & Conquer: Generals

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