The Raw Recruit #17

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Welcome to The Wargamer's feature article series, "The Raw Recruit." This weekly feature offers release dates for upcoming computer and board games. The list doesn't include every computer or board game being released, however it does include almost all of the games we believe The Wargamer's audience will enjoy. The release dates presented in this article are for North American releases only and indicate "shipping" dates, not necessarily guaranteed in-store dates. Most major PC titles are released on Tuesday or Wednesday and are widely available across the country by Friday. These release dates are provided in association with The Wargamer's affiliate merchant partner, GoGamer.  Please send any new game release announcements to

New Releases

August 31 - Sept. 6
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II

Sept. 7 - Sept. 14
Anarchy Online: Shadowlands

Sept. 14 and Beyond
Squad Assault: West Front
Massive Assault
Freedom Fighters
Homeworld 2
Medal of Honor: Breakthrough
Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour

The Raw Recruits for the Week of August 31

And here we go.  This first week of September brings a slew of releases, and we've only endeavored to mention the non-casual games being released this week of Labor Day.  A quick browsing of the list at Electronics Boutique shows a laundry list of casual titles, but for the hardcore gamer, this week should bring the release of one significant title, Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of World War II.  Some of the titles we mentioned last week have been pushed back a week, including Savage and Anarchy Online: Shadowlands

If schedules hold, Electronic Arts should release this week the second expansion pack to Battlefield 1942, Secret Weapons of World War II.  As many already know, the Battlefield 1942 series is an action/arcade shooter set during the famous battles of World War II in which players take the role of infantrymen and fly planes, drive tanks or otherwise zoom around the game maps.  Play is almost exclusively online and is really only best enjoyed by those with powerful computers and broadband connections; nonetheless, it is an excellent game for this niche.  This second expansion pack departs from the usual expansion pack strategy of simply adding new maps and a collection of homogenous weapons (as its first expansion, Road to Rome, did), to instead offering not only new maps, but also a collection of surprisingly creative new weapons and vehicles (rocket packs being the most intriguing addition).  For those with the connection, we recommend experiencing the game firsthand through the demo (linked below); for those without the high-speed connection, read through our reviews of Battlefield 1942 and its first expansion pack, and imagine the game even crazier - or more addicting, depending on tastes.

For those in the casual gaming market, Sierra will release this week its "2004" collection of Hoyle computer games that cover the gamut of classic casual games: Casino games, Card games, Puzzle games, and Table games.  Each game "pack" includes dozens of popular casual games, ranging from poker and craps to chess and rummy squares.  

The Volunteer Recruits

Here's the current crop of game demos released in the past few weeks (some links may expire over time):

Top Ten Selling PC Games

Here's the top ten selling PC games list for the week of August 10 - 16 (courtesy of NPDTechWorld).

Top Ten Selling PC Games
1) Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
2) Flight Simulator 2004: Century Of Flight
3) The Sims: Superstar
4) Madden NFL 2004
5) The Sims Deluxe
6) Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection
7) Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided
8) The Sims: Unleashed
9) Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos
10) Age Of Mythology

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