The Raw Recruit #40

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Welcome to The Wargamer's feature article series, "The Raw Recruit." This weekly feature offers release dates for upcoming computer and board games. The list doesn't include every computer or board game being released, however it does include almost all of the games we believe The Wargamer's audience will enjoy. The release dates presented in this article are for North American releases only and indicate "shipping" dates, not necessarily guaranteed in-store dates. Most major PC titles are released on Tuesday or Wednesday and are widely available across the country by Friday. These release dates are provided in association with The Wargamer's affiliate merchant partner, GoGamer.  Please send any new game release announcements to

New Releases

June 6 - June 12 
Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon

June 13 - June 19
Joint Operations

June 20 and Beyond
Soldiers: Heroes of World War II
Ground Control 2

The Raw Recruits for the Week of June 6

For PC gamers, the month of June remains a quiet one, with only a few releases scheduled per month.  As the weather heats up across the country, it seems the corporate marketing types have decided that gamers do not need new games to be released at this time of the year.  So if none of the games strikes your fancy, there's always the outdoors.

This week's lone release is that of Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon, an expansion pack which has arrived 13 months after the release of the original game, Blitzkrieg.  Although that's a terribly long time to wait for an expansion pack, it is worth highlighting the fact that this 3D RTS captured our attention, winning our coveted Award for Excellence.  It's an especially rare feat given the crowded World War II RTS genre, but it's only further affirmed by the use of the Blitzkrieg 3D engine to power a number of other game titles from other developers.  This new expansion pack focuses on the efforts of none other than General Erwin Rommel, playing through scenarios and missions from North Africa and Italy.  The buzz for this $30 exp pack is negligible, if for no other reason than because CDV seems reluctant to push its RTS wares on the North American market.

The Volunteer Recruits

Here's the current crop of game demos released in the past few weeks (some links may expire over time):

  • Cold War Conflicts [160 MB] - GMX's Russian import is a historical RTS for the Cold War, 1950 - 1973.
  • Ground Control 2 [187 MB] - We loved the first game in this tactical sci-fi series, and this demo is the first chance to check out the sequel.
  • Joint Operations [233 MB] - NovaLogic pulls no punches as it challenges EA's Battlefield series.
  • Perimeter [179 MB] - A sci-fi RTS centered around base building and conquests.
  • Soldiers: Heroes of World War II [224 MB] - A tactical World War II game with deformable terrain.
  • Spartan [86 MB] - Slitherine shows off what it learned from Legion and Chariots of War with its latest historical strategy game.
  • Strength & Honour [404 MB] - This Chinese import is a second generation competitor to the Total War series.
  • Thief [427 MB] - Ion Storm finally delivers its attempt at a third game in this respected stealth franchise.
  • Warlords Battlecry III [273 MB] - Fantasy real-time strategy by Steve Fawkner's Infinite Interactive.

Top Ten Selling PC Games

Here's the top ten selling PC games list for the week of May 2 to May 8 (courtesy of NPDTechWorld).

Top Ten Selling PC Games
1) City Of Heroes
2) Far Cry
3) Rise Of Nations: Thrones & Patriots
4) Battlefield Vietnam
5) Unreal Tournament 2004
6) Rise Of Nations
7) Age Of Mythology
8) Counter Strike: Condition Zero
9) The Sims Deluxe
10) Drop JC

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