The Second War of Armageddon turns blue

By Nik Gaukroger 20 May 2015 0

First there was Armageddon where the main forces of the Imperium of Man were the Armageddon Steel Legion. Then came the Salamander Space Marines followed by the Blood Angels. Now it is the turn of the third, and we think final, chapter to have a pop at the invading Orks – the Ultramarines.



Well OK, all the Space Marines were in the original game, but the DLCs have been focused around them. However, the real meat is that there is a whole new batch of scenarios for you to play out. As previously these are split into the 3 “acts” which take you through the historical campaign.


Act 1 Honoured Arrival:

Acheron Landing Zone

Road to Hades

Eumendies Defence


Act 2 Tartarus to Infernus:

Wall of Tartarus

Guardians at Infernus

Infernus Assault


Act 3 Glorious Triumph:

Plains of Anthrand

Volcanus Mountains

Wall of Death Mire

Death Mire Assault

Ork Expulsion


In addition to the DLC Slitherine have set up two special bundles including the 3 released DLCs at an attractive price!

  • The DLC pack including the 3 expansions at $ 9.99
  • Base Game + 3 expansions at $ 44.99

Get more information on Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon – Glory of Macragge from its official page.







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