The Silent Service: Brush up on your anti-submarine tactics

By Joe Robinson 22 Feb 2018 0

Command: The Silent Service is the next major (and stand-alone) expansion coming to CMANO next month. Its primary focus is the rise of Submarines and submarine warfare since the second world war.


With all these hidden enemies floating about the place, now might be a good time to brush up on your ASW tactics. Luckily, developer Warfare Sims is here to give you a helping hand.

They've posted a guide over on the official Matrix forums that’s taken from the expansion’s Basic Training scenario. This features a 2015 DDG 103 Truxtun (Burke) Class Destroyer called the USS Stockdale with the following ASW tools:

The Stockdale has 3 ASW weapons. Two triple Mk 32 324mm torpedo tubes holding Mk54 LHT Mod 0 torpedoes facing the port and starboard arcs. Eight RUM-139C VLA (Mk54) VL ASROC weapons in the Mk41 VLS. And a SH-60B maritime patrol helicopter carrying Mk54 LTH Mod 0 torps. Each weapon system uses the Mk54 LHT torpedo as it's terminal ASW tool, the difference between them being the range they can engage from. Typically, the MK 32 torp tubes are a close defense weapon, the VLA providing a bit of standoff range (9nm) and the SH-60B providing the longest range for ASW operations for the ship (100+nm).

Here's screen from the game showing the Stockdale's ASW sensors:


The post is pretty technical, so we won’t go into all of the details here, but it lays out step-by-step how the Stockdale finds and kills a single North Korean Romeo sub in contested waters, as well as the tools and tactics it uses.

Command: The Silent Service will release on March 1st as a stand-alone expansion that can either be bought and played on its own or integrated into any other COMMAND stand-alone game installation.



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