The Tank Museum and World of Tanks partner for the first ever live-streamed historic tank event

By Marcello Perricone 26 Jun 2020 1

If there's one thing our Discord community taught me, is that wargamers love tanks. There's just something about these huge powerful lumps of metal that gets people going which puzzles me as airplanes are clearly the best war machines ever.

Still, while not as elegant and agile (and awesome) as airplanes, tanks do have their appeal as big pieces of engineering capable of taking a lot of punishment and dishing out a whole lot of hurt, and the sights of these behemoths in real life can be extremely interesting.

The folks at The Tank Museum in Bovington clearly agree, and this year they have partnered with's World of Tanks to deliver the first ever live-streamed historic tank event.

You see, the Tank Museum is a big thing -- established in Dorset, England in 1947, the museum holds nearly 300 tanks, including a Tiger 131, the only known working model of a Nazi Tiger I currently on Earth, and the world's oldest surviving combat tank in the form of a British WWI Mark I. To flaunt all that awesomeness, they hold an annual event called TANKFEST, which is "the biggest display of historic moving armor in the world", according to

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tank Museum has been closed since March, so the TANKFEST event will go forward in virtual format for the first time ever. To celebrate, World of Tanks is filling today (Friday, 26 June) and tomorrow (Saturday, 27 June) with streaming events, and will deliver a full virtual museum experience live on Sunday, 28 June during the actual TANKFEST.

New players who wish to experience the game can also sign up through this link to get a special £15 starter kit including a Matilda Black Prince Tier V tank, 7 days of World of Tanks premium account, and a T-34-85M rental.

The Sunday museum livestream will be presented by's Head of European Military Relations Richard Cutland and David Willey, the Tank Museum Curator, and will feature a load of activities and special treats such as the "famous Arena Show – a rare demonstration of The Tank Museum’s tanks in action". The event can be watched on this page.



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