There’s still a couple days left on GMT Game's 50% Off Sale

By Joe Robinson 23 Oct 2018 0

If you’re into board wargames, then GMT Games should be a known entity to you. We’ve reviewed a couple of their titles this year, and generally they have a reputation for being a solid, dependable publisher of hex-and-counter war games.

If you’ve never bought from them before (or fancy topping up your collection) you’re in luck – they’re having a sale! Not just any sale, a 50% off bonanza on everything directly made by them (so no third-party) that’s in-stock at the time of the sale. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you live in Europe like me, this might be a perfect opportunity to get some games – prices in the UK especially are a little bit ridiculous right now, running upwards of £80/90 for something like Pendragon, or Next War: Poland. With GMT’s 50% offer though, you can pick up some quality games at a very reasonable price, so all you have to really pay over the odds for is shipping.

The sale will end at Midnight (Pacific Time) on October 25th, so this Thursday. There’s a limit of 20 items per order, and you can’t apply this to P500 items. The discount code you need to use at check-out is GMTSale2018.

GMT are even letting you apply the 50% discount to their ‘Specials’ list, which are already being sold at a discount, so make sure you check it out to see if there’s anything you want. 

The full details on the sale can be read in their October update. This is their first big sale event in three years. Normally, a thing like this is reserved for people who've participated in their renowned P500 pre-order system, but as they've made several behind-the-scenes upgrades over the past couple of years it'd be too much of a hassle to try and get customers to prove their participation, so they figured they'd just let everyone enjoy the sale.



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