Tigers on the Hunt players go mod crazy in first couple weeks of release

07 Mar 2016 0

The squad level, tactical wargame, Tigers on the Hunt, released only two weeks ago but already there is a ton of user generated content out there to explore. There are mods that convert the units to have aspects of Advanced Squad Leader as well as a ton of ASL map templates and more.


Advanced Squad Leader Mod (created by Ritchie61): this mod changes the aspect of the units from the original version with (as the name suggests) the ones from the famous wargame! 

New scenarios especially for release day (created by Jorgen):  There are all three Tank Battle scenarios involving the mighty Tiger I!

-                      Scenario 026 - Tigers on their Own

-                      Scenario 027 - Tigers to the Rescue

-                      Scenario 028 - Pössels Picking

The Guards Counterattack Scenario (created by Bulldog): Remake of a classic. 5 turns of intense brawling and hard fighting!

Also there are 44 ASL 'like' map templates that can be used to build your scenarios (a big thanks to the never exhausted Ritchie61 for this!).

That's just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to check out everything that's available you can check out the forums at Matrix Games.

Tigers on the Hunt is available for PC via Matrix Games for $50.



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