Tigers on the Hunt Available Now on PC

25 Feb 2016 0

Tigers on the Hunt is the first game from Siliconsoft Systems Inc., and instead of grand, sweeping strategy they decided to shift their focus to be a little more intimate. Thus, Tigers on the Hunt focuses on smaller squad and task-force level combat, which means it's far more of a tactical simulation than a strategic one. 

While TotH focuses on a smaller scale, the battles themselves can be massive:

The sequence of play is more complex and interactive than any other WW2 turn based PC tactical wargame: game turns are broken down into 16 segments per turn, 8 segments per side and battlefields can range from small to huge in size and complexity, up to 3.8km x 1.6km in size and 200 infantry squads, 50 guns and 50 vehicles per side.

The game is playable solo vs. an AI as well as against a human opponent via PBEM. There is also a scenario editor, making the game's replayability nearly endless.

  • Three difficulty levels with varying levels of command and control implementation.
  • A dynamic AI which never reacts the same way twice to a player’s plan. Scenario designers need only designate the AI as an attacker or defender and the game engine will do the rest!
  • Tigers on the Hunt uses Fog of War; if a unit doesn’t have LOS to any enemy unit(s) it will not be able to see or engage the enemy unit(s). LOS is detailed, down to a pixel level.
  • Statistics: objectives, casualties, outcome of the scenario.
  • Create any tactical situation in World War II with a full suite of editors
    • Map editor
    • OOB Editor
    • Campaign Editor
  • Battle it out in virtually any engagement on the Western/Eastern/Mediterranean Front using detailed American, German, Russian and British armies.
  • A massive library of units:
    • All German/Russian/American/British Infantry Units: Squads, Half-Squads,  Leaders and Crew
    • 40 Support Weapons (LMG, MMG, HMG, DC, FT, PSK, PF, ATR, PIAT, Molotov Projector, Radio, Bazooka, Light MTR)
    • 95 Ordnance (Mortars, Anti-Tank Guns, Anti-Aircraft Guns, Artillery)
    • 162 Vehicles (Light/Medium/Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Assault Guns, Armoured Cars, Half-Tracks)
    • 28 Off Board Artillery Pieces including Mortar/Howitzer/Rocket
    • Use the myriad units in small as well as massive battles which support up to: 200 Infantry units, 100 Support Weapons, 100 Ordnance pieces and 50 Vehicles per side.
  • Scenario sizes can range from small and intense to massive and grand (up to 97 x 40 hexes)
  • Campaigns (really just a long scenario) last up to 504 turns - roughly about 2 months of combat (8 turns per day + 4 turns in the night).
  • Scenario difficulty can be: Easy, Normal and Hard. The difficulty is associated with Command & Control rules. Easy means human player always have command over all its units. Normal difficulty - Normal Command & Control rules are used. Hard - tougher Command & Control difficulty rules are used.
  • Scenario/OOB/map editor, maps can be created by painting each hex individually or a whole map can imported by loading templates that come with the game. The scenario editor supports 12 maps put together. 4 maps in a row and 3 maps in a column. You can assign each map to each sector or you can allow the computer to randomly import the map templates to make the overall scenario/campaign map random.

Tigers on the Hunt is available now for PC from Matrix Games for $50.



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