Time of Fury - Developers Diary Part 1

By Wargamer Staff 17 Mar 2011 0

This developer diary comes straight from our friends at Wastelands Interactive in Poland, so English is not their first language, so please excuse any confusion. Enjoy!

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When we started to design the Time of Fury, we have seated together with whole team and started to discuss, what is the most important aspect that allows to win the war. At the beginning almost everyone picked different thing. Among them were: large army, big tanks, good military doctrine, air supremacy, resources accessibility, skilled commanders and couple of others. This is all true, but we felt that there must be something that combines or maybe rather subordinates everything mentioned before.

We have got a hunch there is such a thing, very hard to express but we really felt it, so we started to play associations, among many other words we have prompted: fuel, food, schools, trains, factories, later there was a word railroad mentioned by someone. That was a straight path to supplies and the whole supply system created for Time of Fury.

Let me use an example for better explanation what might happen if not enough attention will be spent on all issues connected with supplies.

When playing Gotterdammerung Campaign I have moved all fighter units from central Germany to the eastern front. It was just a couple of turns until Allied strategic bombers proved they are deadly for German unprotected industry. My income in Production Points has been halved which leads to lack of possibility to upkeep troops.

I mentioned about the cities, because they are generating not only Production Points, but also distributing supply to the units.

If city has to be efficient supply distributor it should be connected via railroads with the Main Supply Source, which usually is the capital of the country or couple of major, most important cities. To keep the historical accuracy and make the game very fun to play, we have decided to implement railroad network as much similar to the original network during the era, as possible.

We have decided the AI that capturing enemy cities and railroads is not only a direct lead to victory, but also the best way to defeat the enemy. AI will try to capture both, cities and railroads (especially crossroads).

It is enough if enemy unit will enter the hex with rails to destroy them (actually they are not destroyed but unoperational, but it will be easier to say they are destroyed), and this will take several (up to three) turns to repair them. We have found out that this feature very well simulates problems with capturing enemy train engines, control rooms, train depots and training crews. Tracks are not repaired in the same time, so there must be a good planning involved into capturing of new cities.

Of course it is well visible which tracks are destroyed and not allowing to send supplies from city to city.

Problems with the railroad network and indirectly with the supply system are not only caused by the front lines and battles fought between large armies. A real threat are the paratroopers, coordinated attack on couple of junction crossroads, might stop the whole part of the front, due to the limited access to the supplies.

Another, much more unpredictable aspect (as the paratroopers can only be dropped within the range) are partisans. Those units can arise in the rear part of the country and even capture an undefended city.

As I have already mentioned about Partisans, let me tell you something more about them. As you might know there were many organizations fighting in Europe against German occupation. Best known were Polish Home Army, Red Stalin?s Partisans, French Maquis, Yugoslavian Chetniks and Ustases, Greek ELAS and EOEA, and also many more antioccupant organizations along Europe. If you are playing as Germany, it is a very important to keep some forces in the rear. In my Gotterdammerung game, Polish Home Army unit has captured Poznan , which was very important supply junction. Also couple of cities in Yugoslavia were barely lost to partisans.

Another threatening action done by partisans is taking over hexes with railroads. This is of course fully compatible with the history, where some of the actions done by resistance were very hurtful for German war machine. Probably every player will find its own tactic that will allow him to deal with the partisans. Inside Wastelands Interactive the opinion about that is divided. Some of us uses a lot of weak infantry units, some are trying to capture all poping up partisans units, and some are using a couple of fast moving units. The last choice is a little bit controversial in my opinion, and assumes extensive use of tactical bombers on enemy land units, together with few other land units that will make the last punch. The choice is yours, maybe in exactly one of the tacics above, maybe in some kind of mix or with something new that will come during the play.

Last feature that I would like to write about this time is something we have thought for a very, very long time. Those are new types of Naval Groups that we have implemented into Time of Fury.

Those are as follows:

  • Carrier,
  • Battleship
  • Cruiser
  • Submarine
  • Light Carrier
  • Escort Carrier
  • Fleet Carrier
  • Pocket Battleship
  • Battlecruiser
  • Super Battleship
  • Heavy Cruiser
  • Light Cruiser
  • Auxiliary Cruiser
  • Coastal Submarine
  • Long Range Submarine

We deeply believe this will have a huge impact on the naval part of the game. First of all this will allow us to represent the naval groups with much details.

We have decided to implement this as an answer to many posts where people were asking for a game with properly simulated ?Battle for Atlantic?. Spending more time with polishing navy part of the game will allow us to even try to represent struggles in Mediterranean Sea and the Arctic Convoys  to USSR.

As you can see Time of Fury covers many aspects of the war in very accessible way. It is crucial for the whole team to make the game very detailed, but also not to overwhelm player with too much information displayed on the screen.

It is already 3 AM here, so it is time to go sleep. I?m hoping that you have enjoyed this Developers Diary. If there is any question that comes to your mind, go ahead and ask. We will do our best to answer them.

Time of Fury was announced back in January and is aiming for an April 15th release this year. The price is still TBD, keep an eye out on Wargamer for news! 



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