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By Wargamer Staff 20 Apr 2011 0

Wargamer: Is Time of Fury the next step in the Time of Wrath engine, could it be called Time of Wrath 2?

Wastelands Interactive: Initially we called the game Time of Wrath 2, but during development it evolved further and further, we were adding more and more to the engine, which already had been heavily modified for Storm over the Pacific, thus we decided to change the title slightly to be more modern so accordingly used a synonym to old-fashioned ?wrath?.

WG: What was the most difficult design choice you had to make in Time of Fury?

WI: I think the most challenging goal was to make a game with a better feeling of European threat especially in the Eastern Front. While reading an AAR based on beta version of the game I feel we achieved it.

WG: What feature or design element are you the most proud of in Time of Fury?

WI: Railroads and supply distribution is a very big step forward to have a more realistic battlefield. Also improvements in the AI are worth noticing. The third thing is we dramatically changed handling of multiplayer games thanks to Slitherine?s PBEM++. You have to check it by yourself! The list is much longer... in fact I?m proud of the game as a whole!

WG: There are many strategy games on WWII in Europe, how is Time of Fury different and/or better?

WI: I think Time of Fury stands out because of AI and its historical content. The Eastern front feeling is a strong point of the game. Also, we were trying to mirror the war in the Atlantic and the air campaign over Germany to map those times comprehensively.

WG: What sort of research did you do for Time of Fury? Is the game historically accurate?

WI: We always strive to make a game as historical as possible. In case of Time of Fury we reresearched OoB`s and studied a lot geographical atlases from the era to introduce rails and higher level of accuracy in our maps. We routinely cooperate with a historian and a geographer. 

WG: Now that Wastelands Interactive has released several games, can you say that you have learned a lot about wargame development?

WI: Indeed we have gathered lots of experience in terms wargame designing, communication with the players` community and other aspects, but I think we are still at the beginning of our road and still we have to learn a lot. Most of devs in our team came from the modding community which was playing wargames for years, however, I have to add it humorously, the younger parts of team still have to learn the power of counters.

WG: If there was one point about Time of Fury that you?d like to get across to gamers, what would it be?

WI: It is a just a thing for casual players and devoted wargamers, so if you are prone to ?one more turn syndrome? please reserve a few next months for playing Time of Fury!

WG: Any plans for the future? Do you have a next title in the works that you?d like to talk about?

WI: For several years we have been developing Bitter Glory, which in no doubt is meant to be a Hearts of Iron series competitor, but before release of this big title I think for a while we might be back to the Pacific Theater.




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