Time of Wrath AAR

By Scott Parrino 14 Jul 2009 0

Author:  Chuck DeYoung

Chuck DeYoung, a beta tester on the World War II: Time of Wrath team, has just completed an After Action Report (AAR) of his experience in the game. A turn-based grand strategy game, it is an improved and expanded sequel to World War II: Road to Victory.  Players take control of the political, economic, and military aspects of one or more Allied or Axis nations, including not only the major powers but also some minor nations.  Naval combat has been improved to allow for fleet engagements, combat patrols, aircraft carriers, raiders, convoys, and U-Boats. The scale is 25 km hexes, and based at the corps level.

In this first of four installments, Chuck takes a look at the opening of the Second World War and takes us through November 1939. 

This AAR has been presented in .pdf format.  For gamers who don't have an Adobe Acrobat reader (required to read the AAR) it can be downloaded and used for free here.

To read the AAR click on this link: WW2TimeofWrathAARPart1.pdf



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