Twilight Struggle set for March release on PC/Mac, April on iPad

29 Feb 2016 3

One of our most anticipated games of 2015 was GMT Games‘ epic cold-war simulation, Twilight Struggle. Of course, it’s now 2016 and news from the Twilight Struggle front has been…slow. That all ended this morning when I received word from Playdek that Twilight Struggle is on pace for a March release for PC/Mac and an April release for iPad.

More information will be forthcoming in a Kickstarter update later this week, but we have learned that AI will be coming “soon”. We’ll let you know what blanks are filled in with the Kickstarter update, but it sounds like we’ll be able to spend time during those April showers playing Twilight Struggle on our iPads and laptops.

A few more screenshots from the Mac beta below.

A version of this story appeared at Pocket Tactics.




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