U.S. Corps Expansion for Panzer Corps Now Available

26 May 2016 0

The latest expansion for the venerable Panzer Corps is U.S. Corps and it has arrived for PC today. Unlike most DLC, this expansion is actually three separate expansions each covering U.S. involvement in different theaters of World War 2. While the expansions are separate, you will be able to carry over your troops and experience between each volume. The first expansion is titled U.S. Corps '42 and details the operations in North Africa and includes 16 new scenarios:

  • Formation,
  • Achnacarry,
  • Casablanca,
  • Oran,
  • Djebel Abiod,
  • Tebourba,
  • Morning Air,
  • Kasserine battle,
  • Spring Wind,
  • Sbiba Pass,
  • El Guettar,
  • Hills,
  • Enfidaville,
  • Mateur,
  • Bizerte,
  • Tunis.

The second volume is titled U.S Corps '43 and details the invasion of Italy starting with Sicily in July of 1943. This expansion also has 16 new scenarios to tackle:

  • Gela,
  • Gela counterattack,
  • Agrigento,
  • Palermo,
  • San Fratello,
  • Troina,
  • Messina,
  • Salerno landing,
  • Defence of Salerno beachhead,
  • Naples,
  • Volturno Line,
  • Operation Diadem,
  • Anzio link-up,
  • Anzio landing,
  • Anzio defence,
  • Anzio breakout.

The final volume is titled...can you guess? That's right, U.S. Corps '44-'45. It begins with Operation Overlord and covers the march toward Berlin. This volume has 18 scenarios to keep you busy:

  • Omaha Beach,
  • Pointe du Hoc,
  • Carentan,
  • Cotentin,
  • Cherbourg,
  • Avranches,
  • Brittany,
  • Caen,
  • Falaise,
  • Aachen,
  • Rur,
  • Sankt Vith,
  • Bastogne,
  • Houffalize,
  • Remagen,
  • Torgau,
  • Wargames,
  • Operation Unthinkable.

If you haven't picked up Panzer Corps, what are you waiting for? It's a brilliant and accessible bit of wargaming and the spiritual successor to the classic Panzer General. You can pick up the base game from Steam right now for $20. The U.S. Corps expansion is available in its three volumes with each volume running $5.



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