Undaunted: North Africa Out Now

By Joe Robinson 09 Jul 2020 0

I’ve been really enjoying how the board war games sector has been embracing different mechanics, especially card mechanics. Deck Building is a trope that I really enjoy in mainstream board games, but generally any card-driven system is a good thing for table-top war games.

Last year Osprey Publishing released the first in a series of games - Undaunted: Normandy. It combined a physical tactical-level board with a lite deck-building game. You could only move troops if you drew their card, and you could add more of those cards to the deck to ensure they were drawn more often. The amount of cards a unit had also represented its health though, and when a unit took damage it would lose a card, meaning it couldn’t activate as many times.

It was a great start to the series, and now the game’s sequel - Undaunted: North Africa - has been released as of today. It sets the action during the summer of 1940, and largely follows the exploits of the LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) and their guerrilla raids against the Italians. It operates at a slightly smaller scale than Normandy, feeling more like a table-top Commandos game than, say, Company of Heroes.

It features new rules and mechanics - including vehicles & air craft - but largely plays the same as Normandy does. You can read our review here.

If you enjoyed the first game then you'll definitely enjoy this one - the only reason you wouldn’t is if the specific campaign really doesn’t do it for you, or if the skirmish-level warfare is perhaps not what you’re after.

Undaunted: North Africa can be bought direct from Osprey or via Amazon.



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