New Unity of Command 2 beta patch adds first Axis scenario

By Joe Robinson 13 Jan 2020 0

We didn’t spot this last week, but Unity of Command 2 is currently running a beta test on a new upcoming patch. The ‘Testing Branch’ was released midway through December as a way of testing out bigger changes before pushing them to the retail version, and ‘Update 10’ is the latest patch to be put to trial.

Amongst various tweaks and fixes, it adds in a new scenario titled Wacht am Rhein!, which allows you to play out the Battle of the Bulge from the Axis perspective.

Currently you only play as the Allies in Unity of Command 2, and we know there are a lot of Wehrboos out there jonesing for some Panzer-action, so this will hopefully be a welcome addition. We know more scenarios generally are planned, but whether they'll be free or DLC remains to be seen.

Here are the full patch notes for the testing branch update, if you’re interested:

New Features

  • Wacht am Rhein scenario
  • En route HQ and unit locations are now always shown in the En route view (even for units arriving on later turns)
  • Recon in force can now capture 3-step stragglers and HQs
  • Combat shifts are now displayed for Air Attack, Saturation Strike and Naval Bombardment
  • Added danger markers on own units in the Saturation Strike view
  • Reorg steps are no longer counted as casualties
  • Localization update


  • Added deployment phase to Advance To Antwerp scenario
  • Entrenchment now removed when assault/river crossing
  • HQ deploy positions fix
  • Fixed playable area in the "End at the Elbe" scenario
  • Kill unit objective fix
  • AI rearguard fix
  • Fixed end conference reminder tooltip
  • Fixed combat sheet text: "0.5% to reduce" -> "50% to reduce"

Unity of Command 2 was one of our favourite war games of 2018, except it actually released in 2019 because game dev. You can read our full review here.



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