Unity of Command 2 Blitzkrieg deploys next week

By Joe Robinson 29 Oct 2020 0

It’s a little sooner than we were predicting, but Unity of Command II’s first DLC pack will be storming over the maginot line next week. 2x2 games shared the good news today via a new development update which also goes into more detail as to what free quality of life changes are coming, as well as the DLC features.

Blitzkrieg itself will feature 25 scenarios, only 13 of which are historical in nature and cover the period between 1939-41. Apparently a lot of work went into researching these scenarios since there are a lot of nationalities involved; some of whom are only featured once or twice.

In terms of free content, there’s a quite sizable quality of life patch dropping at the same time as the DLC. A major balance issue from before the base game’s launch has finally been fixed, and there are several new additions as well including designer notes and the official insignia for each of the campaign’s HQs, and other UI improvements such as tool-tops and stats for en-route units.

In terms of other premium mechanics, there are new HQ abilities and theatre assets coming as well:

  • Fixed Fortifications are found in places like the Maginot Line, Eben Emael, Brest etc. They provide a -1/-3 combat shift to defender, depending on whether they are destroyed or intact, respectively. This shift is cumulative (adds up) to the entrenchment shift, so units fortified in fixed fortifications are really hard to flush out.
  • Army Group and Panzer Group HQs: armies are slow moving infantry formations, and you can upgrade their command range during the campaign, but they never go very fast. Panzer groups, on the other hand, have a fixed small range, but they can be upgraded to full 12MP (+3 if on rail) of movement. You want to keep your panzer generals close to the front.
  • Long-range Transfer: German HQs can transfer steps and specialists anywhere within their command range, not only between adjacent units. This changes everything.
  • Kampfgruppe: when sufficiently upgraded, German HQs can deploy security units (kampfgrupen) that also reorg any stragglers found in the deployment hex. Reorg’d straggler steps become active immediately.
  • Level-3 Force Pool: if a German HQ has its force pool upgraded to level-3, it does not spend command points when reorganizing stragglers at the start of the turn. This is a kind of a “technical” update — we decided to represent German HQs at army group-level and not army-level, so there are simply more stragglers around per HQ than what the Allied HQs had. Upgrade at your earliest convenience!
  • Oversupply: provides a unit with additional (mobile) supplies, and is totally super useful if you are planning to thrust recklessly into the enemy rear with half a dozen panzer divisions on a logistical shoestring. Which, you know… you’d never do, right?
  • Ju 87 Precision Bombing: this theater asset will let you blow a bridge, or destroy two trucks in an enemy supply hub. It’s a lot like “sabotage” except you get 3 hits in one scenario, so lord have mercy on your enemies.
  • Flying Artillery: Another theatre asset, this simulates a heavy air attack by massed close air support aircraft (yes, Stukas again). Flying artillery generates high suppression results on the targeted unit and, even more importantly, has a whopping 50% chance of destroying fixed fortifications.

Unity of Command II: Blitzkrieg, as well as the free patch, will release on Thursday, November 5th, 2020.



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