Unity of Command 2 Celebrating VE-Day with Major New Update

By Joe Robinson 07 May 2020 0

Unity of Command 2 is easily one of our favourite releases of last year. It’s everything we could want from a modern wargame - visually appealing, easy to parse, but full of challenge and tactical depth. Sure, you can still debate how strong the ‘Panzer Corps Puzzle’ DNA is within the game, but that doesn’t detract from that fact that it's still pretty good.

To mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day tomorrow (Victory in Europe Day, when Nazi Germany’s military surrender was accepted by the Allied Powers), 2x2 Games have released a major update that adds new ‘what if’ scenarios, a new campaign variants and other quality of life improvements.

unity of command 2 operation unthinkable

Fun fact: Apparently, the ‘Act of Military Surrender’ was first done at SHAEF HQ in Reims on May 7th, and what is accepted as the definitive document was then signed in Berlin on May 8th. Most EU countries mark the occasion based on that event but some nations, such as Russia, mark the occasion on May 9th instead.

Thirteen new alt-history scenarios have been introduced, from winning Operation Market Garden, to trying to tear-down Himmler’s completed ‘Alpine Redoubt’ defences. If you complete the right scenarios, you can unlock Operation Unthinkable - the scrapped Allied plan to attack the Soviet Union once Germany had been defeated. Since there’s a lot of twists and turns in the campaign tree now, the developers have released a handy scenario chart so you can better track how you can progress through the campaign, and what HQs will stay with you the longest.

unity of command 2 scenario chart2

You can also download large PDF or PNG versions of this file.

There is also a new ‘shorter’ campaign variant that lets you skip the operations in Italy and go straight to Operation Overlord called ‘Second Front’. You cannot unlock achievements and milestones related to Victory in the West via this shortened campaign.

In terms of game rules updates, specialists with the black icon will now be able to:

  • Bypass enemy entrenchment in attack (like engineers) but do not remove it (unlike engineers).
  • Help their parent unit lower its combat losses: +1 attacker loss shift per active special forces specialist.

Additionally, special forces with the amphibious AMPH flag are able to:

  • Land unsuppressed in naval landings and major river crossings.
  • Reduce the river shift from -2 to 0 when attacking across minor rivers.
  • Allow their parent unit to perform a feint attack (HQ action) across a minor river.

There’s been a quite a few changes to various specialists and how they function, so the developer has released a handy ‘Reference Sheet’ to help you get to grips with their abilities and uses.

There’s also been some improvements to UI Scaling, as well as the inclusion of a new game mode called ‘Recruit’, which is currently only available via a Steam Workshop mod as it’s still in testing. You can read more information about all of the above here.



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