Unity of Command: Red Turn Released

By Wargamer Staff 21 Feb 2013 0

Here comes the Reds.

Matrix Games announced today that they have released Red Turn, the first DLC to the critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game Unity of Command from 2x2 Games. As the name suggests, this time the Soviet Army is on the offensive against the Wehrmacht after the stalled-out Stalingrad Campaign. From the explosive and largest armored clash of Battle of Kursk to the large-scale Bagration, to Battle of Kiev, Red Turn features a wide gamut of scenario types, 17 in total. 

There are also four specifically-designed scenarios for multiplayer between human foes, such as Korsun Pocket and Operation Konrad. The Wehrmacht also get a few extra scenarios if you wish to play opposite the Russian AI in Operation Citadel and the pivotal Battle of Kursk. 

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Being on the offensive as the Russians should prove interesting as their types of offensives feature massed numbers of crushing outright brutal force. Just be sure to remember what you have learned in Unity of Command: mind your supply lines!

Red Turn is available for PC and Mac systems, with Mac players needing to update to 1.04a before playing Red Turn. You can get that here: LINK

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Don't know what Unity of Command is all about? Check out our review from when it first came out! 



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