Upcoming Wars of Napoleon from AGEOD gets video tutorial series

By Dylan Love 01 Dec 2015 0

Combat Power: Deadly. I want this on my tombstone.

How does a games company balance the release of a highly anticipated wargame with the delicate explanation of how the gameplay works? With a well-done series of YouTube tutorials, of course.

Ageod’s Wars of Napoleon is go for launch this Thursday, and to give players a running start ahead of the game’s release, the studio put together some videos to ensure everyone gets the hang of the game quickly. The five-video YouTube series was a collaboration that began with Ageod’s lead developer, who recorded gameplay footage and outlined the rules and gameplay elements meriting explanation to new players. Then Agrippa Maxentius, known for his YouTube channel covering strategy games, turned this into a polished script and recorded the necessary voiceovers to match the gameplay video.

“The goal was to deliver accurate info in a clear and short way, to make sure the newcomers do not feel overwhelmed by the complexity of Wars of Napoleon,” said Olivier Georges, PR and marketing manager for Slitherine. “By publishing videos that do not exceed 12 minutes, we aimed at keeping people focused and entertained!”

From concept to execution, the videos took about three weeks’ time, which Georges said was “actually pretty quick.” Because the developer knew the game so well and Maxentius was “very professional,” a quality introduction for the forthcoming game wasn’t very time-consuming.

There is at least one more tutorial video on the way before Thursday, which will be focused on the game’s Campaign Mode and the new set of strategic tools it introduces. “Obviously if after the release, players find some elements unclear, we’ll certainly make a custom video to help them learn the game properly,” added Georges, though he adds that “there is already a vibrant community for AGEod games, so people can easily find tips and relevant after-action reports by surfing the AGEod forum.”

The first video in the series starts here, with an overview of the game’s maps and units:



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