Update from the Front: Sengoku Jidai & Field of Glory

By Joe Robinson 05 Jul 2016 1

Cassius stood there, sweat pouring down his brow as he handed me the blood stained note. “It's from the legate” he says. “He wants to know if you could talk about a couple of game updates.”

He looks upset. It could be because he had to travel across miles of country-side, avoiding war bands and raiding parties just to hand me a note that could have easily been sent by email, but I suspect it's because he doesn't actually exist and I'm just using him as a literary prop. I take the note anyway, and read it's contents.

It turns out Sengoku Jidai & Field of Glory are both getting updates. Here's what we know:

Sengoku Jidai: Shadow of the Shogun

Version 1.28 has been released, and it mainly tackles AI improvements and fixes. It also introduces a reworked terrain graphical style, something that was highly requested because the current style was a bit last season. Here is the full change log:

1.2.8 Changelog:

  1. Added option to use green terrain tiles. (See Options > Advanced Options)

  2. Corrected position of Battle of Chiksan on Imjin War maps.

  3. AI improvements:

    1. Made advancing AI cavalry and light troops on wings turn in against flank of enemy army sooner.

    2. Made held-back cavalry wings advance closer to in line with infantry. (Stopped them from being held back too long or charging ahead too soon).

    3. Made Japanese cavalry in centre less likely to rush ahead of infantry. However, they also will not stay so far back behind the infantry.

    4. Made front line samurai less eager to outdistance their medium foot ashigaru.

    5. Stopped light troops from charging ahead of rest of army inappropriately.

    6. In campaign battles, an AI army which deems it unwise to advance will no longer do so after an arbitrary time delay if it is the defender. (Note, this does not necessarily mean the side that owns the province – it means the side whose field army was in the province first).

  4. Corrected bug that could sometimes cause AI units to become stuck and not move at all when near terrain they don’t like.

  5. Made combat capability icons show correctly for Japanese side in Genko campaign.

Field of Glory

On July 7th, Field of Glory will be getting a complete visual overhaul thanks to the game being remade in the Unity engine. It comes with new scenarios and game settings for both Single & Multiplayer modes, as well as a new UI and AI improvements.


Here is an expanded change log, brought to you exclusively from behind enemy lines. Sort of: 

1. New engine written in modern C# for Unity3D engine

a. Full PBEM++ server support.
b. Greatly enhanced client-server communication protocol (faster due to file packages compression and data c. files caching.
c. Enhanced GUI.
d. New button bars system.

2. Both SP/MP much more new scenarios / DAG new game settings (new DAG game map density mechanics, etc)

a. Enhanced MP chat.
b. New async tasks system.
c. Fully separate data files (scenarios, maps, army lists, game saves).
d. New MP maps.
e. Save-able MP games (you can save an ongoing MP phase turn on the server, and continue it at a later time).

3. Countless number of data fixes (scenarios, maps, DAG army list templates, figures crop info, formations, etc.)

a. Game file packages (for an easier scenario/game files distribution).
b. Full modding system (custom figures and unit formations).
c. User-like AI (the AI plugs itself into a game slot and plays the game as any common user would, including in a MP game).
d. Huge number of gameplay fixes (as everything was made from scratch).
e. Both SP/MP DAG games with both scenario and MP maps.
f. Partial movements (you can move a BG for a part of its movement points, do some other actions and then you're still able to resume moving the initial BG for its remaining movement points).
g. Both SP/MP full game replay system (including the possibility to stop it at any time, and continue to play the game from there).

Alongside the update, two new DLC's are also being released – Oath of Fealty and Wolves form the Sea. Both come with new scenarios and new DAG army templates. You can read more about those DLCs here – these will be paid-for add-ons, and pricing information will be announced at a later date.

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