Victorian era strategy game Colonial Conquest on Kickstarter

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The high point of European colonial expansion doesn’t get much of a look in in game terms, perhaps for obvious reasons – at least explicitly. However, this surely means it is an area of opportunity. Well strategy games developer and publisher Argonauts Interactive must agree as it announces its new strategy game in the Victorian Era Colonial Conquest is now on Kickstarter.



So if you’d like to see a new strategy game for the later 19th century then perhaps it is worth your while having a peruse at the following …



Montreal, Canada (April 10, 2015) – Indie developer and publisher Argonauts Interactive is excited to announce today that Colonial and Victorian Era strategy game Colonial Conquest is now available on Kickstarter.

Colonial Conquest has been in works at Argonauts Interactive for several month. In   Colonial Conquest, players must expand their colonial empire and conquer the world through espionage, subversion and military conquest on land and sea.

Six major countries will be initially available. Play the USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, Russia or France in one of three scenarios and chose your end-game objectives. Conquer and defend core strongholds across continents, fortify territories and manage factories in order to attain world domination.

Colonial Conquest is now available on Kickstarter.

If the Kickstarter is successful, the game is expected to be released in late May 2015 on Steam and shortly afterwards potentially on mobile platforms, subject to stretch goals fulfillment.

Additional screenshots and background materials are available at





About Argonauts Interactive

Argonauts Interactive is an independent video game publisher and developer based in Montreal. It was founded in 2014 by a group of old-school gamers with experience in gaming that ranges from design to business and publishing, united by a common desire to bring a core gaming experience to the digital age. Argonauts Interactive primarily focuses on developing strategy and RPG games, with a penchant for revitalizing and adapting retro games to current platforms, while also acting as a publisher focused on the needs of small indie developers. You can find out more about Argonauts Interactive on Twitter at @ArgonautsInt or online at .



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