Victory and Glory: Napoleon coming to PC and, maybe, cardboard

By Dave Neumann 18 Nov 2015 0

That Minor Nation guy looks like he can barely stand up.

When I think of board game designer Glenn Drover I think of worker placement games like Age of Empires III or the slimmed down version of Age of Steam, Railways of the World. I forget that he's also got some wargame titles under his belt such as Napoleon in Europe and the more simplistic Attack!. Thus I was surprised this morning when I stumbled upon Victory and Glory: Napoleon which is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. It's designed by the aforementioned Glenn Drover, but it also has a PC version due to land in January of 2016. 

First, let's chat about the cardboard version. V&G: Napoleon is a 4-6 hour game that simulates the entire breadth of the Napoleonic Wars from 1800 to 1818. It is a two player affair, with one player jumping in the shoes of Napoleon and controlling the Grande Armée, while the other player controls England and her allies. While made for 2 players, the game will come with both solo rules and rules for more players. The game will have over 100 different event cards that will give players special units, new recuits, or simulate historical events that change the politics of Europe. The game will ship with six different scenarios:

  • 1800: The Second Coalition
  • 1805: The Dash for the Danube
  • 1806: Who’s Next?
  • 1809: The Austrian Phoenix and the Spanish Quagmire
  • 1812: Into Russia
  • 1813: Defending the Empire

If you're willing to shell out for the premium level of backing, you'll get some great looking wooden units, but even if you choose the lower tier, the cardboard chits aren't exactly eyesores. That brings up the graphics of the game. It's beautiful. Seriously. I'm not one who usually orders stuff from Kickstarter without doing a little research, but the pics of the board and cards were giving me an itchy trigger finger.

The Kickstarter campaign is looking for $30K, and they're only up to $12K with 16 days to go. Head over to the Kickstarter and take a look. 

Are you back? Okay, let's talk about the second part of all this. Slitherine is releasing Victory & Glory: Napoleon for PC in January 2016. It's a single player game only, with you playing as Napoleon and the AI taking control of the Brits and her allies. Other than that limitation, it seems to be a straight up conversion of the board game. The only other difference I see is that the PC game offers ten stand-alone quick battles: Marengo, Austerlitz, Eylau, Friedland, Wagram, Borodino, Luetzen, Bautzen, Dresden, and Waterloo, which I don't see mentioned for the board game.

The game is currently in beta, and if you want to test it you can sign up here. The full release is slated for January 28, 2016, according to the board game's Kickstarter page, and you can also include the PC version as an add-on there when you pledge for the cardboard version.



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