Victory and Glory: Napoleon gets a teaser trailer, releasing in March

17 Feb 2016 0

I originally stumbled across Victory and Glory: Napoleon when its Kickstarter went live back in November. Back then I assumed it was for a tabletop game because of Glenn Drover, whom I was only aware of via games such as Empires: Age of Discovery and Railways of the World. (did I mention I like board games?) Turns out I was partially correct. Victory and Glory: Napoleon is a tabletop game, but it's also being digitally produced by Matrix Games. While the tabletop version isn't expected until April, the digital version is all set to release on March 17.

Victory and Glory: Napoleon covers the entirety of the Napoleonic Wars, from Marengo to Waterloo. It's a single player game that puts you in the shoes of Le Petit Caporal against the AI which controls the various coalitions opposing the French. 


  • Re-fight the entire Napoleonic Wars!
  • Strategic Level map of Europe from 1800 – 1818.
  • Dozens of unique unit types (cavalry, infantry, artillery, and generals for each major nation and several minor nations).
  • Almost 100 unique ‘Event Cards’ with artwork by world-renowned Napoleonic Artist: Keith Rocco. Each card gives the player special unit upgrades, advantages in battle, new recruits, historical events, or political actions that can change the alliances or borders of the French Empire.
  • Land and Naval Battles utilizing a fast-play abstracted tactical battle system.
  • More detailed tactical battle system also available for larger battles.
  • Never plays the same way twice. Infinitely re-playable.
  • Solo play against a very challenging AI

Includes six unique scenarios with different starting conditions:

  • 1800: The Second Coalition
  • 1805: The Dash for the Danube
  • 1806: Who’s Next?
  • 1809: The Austrian Phoenix and the Spanish Quagmire
  • 1812: Into Russia
  • 1813: Defending the Empire

Not available at launch, but coming soon via an update will be the ability to "quick-play" several iconic battles as well. 

One of the game's selling points is just how darned gorgeous it is. I was wowed at images of the tabletop version, but the digital version brings the same visual panache to your monitor. Today Matrix released a teaser trailer. It doesn't show any gameplay, but if you're a fan of  big floating letters, this one's for you. You do get to see some of the card and board art which, as I mentioned, is pretty yummy.



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