Victory and Glory: Napoleon releases for PC

17 Mar 2016 0

Glenn Drover is the designer of boardgames like Age of Empires III and Age of Mythology. He's also the designer of the just released PC game, Victory and Glory: Napoleon which, as you might expect from his background, has a bit of a boardgame feel. It's more than a feeling, though, as a cardboard version of Victory and Glory is scheduled to release later this year.

In a recent interview with Glenn, he states that the PC version came first:

This game was actually a PC game from the get-go, but one that was designed with board game sensibilities and mechanics. It’s actually far easier to create in the electronic rather than in the physical medium because the computer allows the designer a great deal of freedom to create mechanics and systems that can be handled quickly and seamlessly by the computer.

The PC version of Victory and Glory: Napoleon puts you in the tiny boots of Le Petit Caporal himself, and covers the entirety of the Napoleonic Wars from 1800-1818. It is a solo game vs. an AI which will control the enemies of France. The game offers dozens of unique unit types, including both land and naval units. It also has over 100 unique "event cards" which alter the games in unpredictable ways, making each new game an entirely different experience.

You can pick up Victory and Glory: Napoleon today from Matrix or Steam for $30. It's actually a tad under $30 at Matrix due to a 10% off launch sale.



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