Video Roll Call: Blood Bowl 2, Thirty Years' War, Bedlam, and more

By Owen Faraday 25 Sep 2015 0

Quill18 has got that naturally curly hair.

Since the last Video Roll Call (we've been busy tinkering behind the scenes on the -- shhh! -- new and improved Wargamer that you'll see very soon), a lot of our favourite YouTubers have started new Lets Play series. Great news for us, as we can get in on the ground floor.

TinyPirate has just started a Let's Play of Bedlam, the sci-fi tactical FTL-like which we reviewed here in these pages just this week. The game's notorious difficulty makes a mark quickly and consistently on his crew -- if you want to make a drinking game out of watching this, take a shot for every dead squaddie in this episode. Unless you have the metabolism of a butterfly you won't make it to the second video.


The beautifully coiffed Quill18 decided to shelve this playthrough of Sorcerer King -- just when it was getting good! He's said that he might pick it up again in the future so it's worth watching to see where he leaves off. The gist with this game is that it's a 4X where every player is trying to forestall drawing the attention of the all-powerful Sorcerer King until he's ready to take him on. In this episode, Quill is just starting to really show up on the SK's radar. I hope he comes back to this game.


Pewpewchewchew has got a nice 13-minute session of the latest AGEOD game Thirty Years' War. AGEOD games are very rewarding but the difficulty curve is significant -- if you're curious about a high level strategy game set in a little explored period of history (by wargames at least) you should check this out.


Sticking with 17th century warfare for a moment, Das24680 is in the last stages of a run through Pike & Shot Campaigns. Playing as the HRE he's just about run the map clear of the Ottoman Empire. The battle he gets into in this episode is positively huge -- don't watch it if you're hoping for a decisive conclusion after half an hour, but it's an interesting fight between two monumentally large armies.


Finally, (literally) fantasy football sim Blood Bowl 2 launched this week and the usual crew of Quill18, EnterElysium, Mathas, and Northern Lion (who were playing that EUIV game we'd been following) are running a short round robin tourney. There's been a lot of draws so far in this league, but this match between EE's Dark Elves and Quill18's Skaven is a close-run affair with a decisive result. Nice introduction to Blood Bowl 2 if you haven't seen it yet -- it's got much nicer presentation than its predecessor. 




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