Video Roll Call: Scourge of War Gettysburg Conclusion, Rule the Waves, EU IV, and more

By Owen Faraday 21 Aug 2015 0

Duskers might look like someone poured Coke into the guts of an ATM, but there's a clever sci-fi tactics game in there.

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It's been an exciting week in The Wargamer's favourite YouTube channels: things are heating up in some long-term let's plays, and there's been a lot more attention splashed on the entirely deserving Rule the Waves, there is a conclusion to the Battle of Gettysburg -- but what manner of conclusion?


When we last saw our hero Agrippa Maxentius, Confederate reinforcements had just arrived to threaten his Union forces at Gettysburg in Scourge of War. This is the end of the fight -- but can he manage to hold off the rebels? 


Catching up with the four-way multiplayer match of Europa Universalis IV between Quill18, Mathas, Arumba, and NorthernLion (remember we're rooting for the latter over here): things are getting interesting for NorthernLion's Saxony as he consolidates some territorial expansions, but there's a Holy Roman election coming up, and Quill's Westphalia is making an aggressive push for votes.


Speaking of Quill18, he's just started a new video series playing through Stardock's latest 4X, the asymmetrical Sorcerer King. It's nice to get in on the ground floor, and Sorcerer King should make for good viewing. The premise is almost like the sequel to a 4X game you already lost: there's one dominant power in the game (the titular Sorcerer King) and your job is to grow your empire while staying in his good graces, lest he decide to wipe you out. Quill's just getting to grips with the UI in this episode so maybe we'll give him a few before we check back in, but I expect quality entertainment before long.


We've been doing our bit to spotlight Rule the Waves, an extraordinarily unusual grand strategy game set in the early 20th-century race to build a more badass fleet of dreadnaughts than the Great Power next door. Tiny Pirate has just kicked off a video series playing as Japan starting in 1900. He even uses my joke about lathe software from the other day. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

TP does a nice job of explaining the basics here, which is a great primer for anybody looking to get over this game's somewhat intimidating learning curve.


Finally, das24680 is taking a look at the brand-new Duskers -- recently released on Steam Early Access. This game has you salvaging derelict spaceships in a gritty sci-fi universe. The rub is that all you can see is what your tele-operated drones can show you. It looks really intense and the drone combat makes this the most unique action strategy game of 2015 so far.



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