Vietnam ’65 update announced and Matrix Games Deal of the Week

By Nik Gaukroger 14 Apr 2015 0

A short round up of some news out of the strategy games heavyweight Slitherine Group – in this case the Slitherine and Matrix Games parts. This time it is news about a significant update to Slitherine’s successful Vietnam counter-insurgency game, Vietnam ’65, and the regular Matrix games deal of the week discount offer.

Although it is only 2 months since the release of Vietnam ’65 (see our review here) it seems that the developers have been beavering away on ways to improve what was already a pretty good game. The news out of Slitherine HQ is that the new version has many new features and bug fixes, along with several specific popularly requested improvements, like fog of war, names for US bases and units, combat modifiers (including weather, level of supply...) and custom game options. All sounds pretty good to us. They have this update slated for the start of May.

There are even some screenshots of some of the new features …


Hex grid and ZOC


Combat stats


Fog of War


And so onto the Matrix Games deal of the week. This time around it is Alea Jacta Est Birth of Rome that gets the 50 percent off treatment. So an Ageod game really … why does Ageod never get the headline billing on these things I wonder?



For those who don’t know the game is set in the age of the first struggles that eventually led Rome to conquer their vast empire. So it’s the wars with Carthage and Pyrrhus of Epiros we are dealing with rather than, say, Caesar.

You can find details of the offer here.



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