Want to play HexWar's Tank Battle 1944 on your PC for free? Of course you do.

08 Mar 2016 19

Last week HexWar unveiled their new engine by releasing one of their classic wargames, Tank Battle: 1944, on Steam. Previously, you'd need to own a Mac or iPad to play HexWar titles, but this new engine allowed for the games to install on PCs and, thus, be offered on the popular download service. The new engine will also, eventually, allow them to include online multiplayer in all their PC titles as well.

Tank Battle: 1944 on Steam has over 90 included missions:

  • 9 Mission Rising Storm Campaign (Playing as the Americans) 
  • 12 Mission American Campaign. (Playing as the Americans) 
  • 12 mission German Campaign. (Playing as the Germans) 
  • 12 mission Bastogne campaign. (Playing as the Germans) 
  • 12 mission Northern Front campaign. (Playing as the Americans) 
  • 12 mission Iron Cross campaign. (Playing as Germans) 
  • 12 mission Bombardment campaign. (Playing as the Americans) 
  • 12 mission Juggernaut campaign. (Playing as the Americans)

It also has: 

  • Tutorial covering all the basics. 
  • Over 18 unique units. 
  • 12 Hotseat Multiplayer Scenarios. 
  • Four troop classes; Raw, Average, Veteran and Elite. 
  • Advanced tactical features including flank attacks, airstrikes, strategic movement, indirect fire and mounting and dismounting from vehicles 
  • Detailed combat analysis - see how the different factors such as terrain and armor affect the potential outcome. 
  • Help covering each unit type including stats and information. 
  • Charts covering terrain effects, shooting modifiers and ranged weapons.

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to get our hands on a bunch of Steam keys for Tank Battle: 1944 and we want to give them to you! We have 10 keys to giveaway, and we'll hand them out to the first 10 that comment on this post. Join the discussion and earn a key for Tank Battle: 1944! What could be easier?




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