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By Joe Robinson 19 Jun 2020 0

While not intentional, there's been a lot of table-top themed content this week. Between Bill's review, my own review of Undaunted: North Africa and keeping on top of Warhammer 9th edition the balance between digital and physical content hasn't been what it normally is. To be fair, not much was happening earlier in the week in the realm of digital war games other than what we've already written up.

Quite a few things dropped yesterday though, so this week's round-up is nice and packed with news, updates and other interesting happenings to take note of. Now that I've finally finished my article on U:NA, I'll be trying to move forward with some of my other table-top themed project ideas, like the 'reader participation' idea I had where we could run through some scenarios together. We've also got a review of Carrier Battles for Guadacanal's PC version dropping on Monday.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames...

New Game: Partisans 1941

Daedalic Entertainment is not a publisher we’ve had much cause to talk about here on Wargamer, mainly because they’re not really involved in this space. Their latest announcement though comes awfully close - they’re publishing a new real-time stealth tactics game called Partisans 1941.

If you’ve ever played the classic Commandos real-time tactics game, this looks to be a new modern successor. It’s set on the Eastern Front during the initial phases of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in occupied territory. You’ve got to manage a resistance base and build it up, whilst also recruiting people to your cause. You can then assemble your squad from your available roster and send them out on missions to disrupt the German invasion. Seems a bit like XCOM 2, except with a real-time tactical layer. Could be interesting?

There’s a free demo available on Steam right now, if you want to give it a try.

New Game: Slitherine announces new DEFCON successor - ICBM

I think we’ve reported on this one before, but I’d have to check. ICBM is a new game about Thermonuclear war in the modern age and is now being published by Slitherine as part of their ‘K-Project’ fund. It’s created by the same people who brought you Polaris Sector. Personally, I think that team could have made a better use of their talents than simply doing another DEFCON but if this is what they’re passionate about, then who are we to argue? Feels like a great time to be releasing a game about nuclear annihilation.

The trailer is a bit serious for my tastes, but here you are:

No news on a release window as of yet.

Kards Single-Player Set Announced

We’ve written about Kards previously - it’s a digital card game in a mould similar to that of Blizzard’s Hearthstone, but is themed around WW2 and has a couple of key mechanics that make it a fascinating abstraction of what a war game could look like in card form. We haven’t had much time to give it specific attention recently, but it’s just announced a new wave of single-player content so we thought we’d write up the news.

Kards WW2 Card Game Theatre of War

Titled Theatre of War, the new expansion pack adds five single-player ‘campaigns’, each containing five missions each that offer three different deck strategies to master. The campaigns will be for the British, German, Japanese, Soviet and USA factions. The set comes with 40 new cards (8 each for the main nations) as well as new HQ variants. Cards can also gain XP during the campaigns.

The expansion will be available from June 30th, where each campaign can be bought individually. Pre-purchase of the entire set is available now in-game for $29.95, which represents a 25% saving on the cost of each campaign’s individual price if bought separately.

First Panzer Corps 2 DLC Dev Diary

Matrix/Slitherine have released the first dev diary for their upcoming DLC for Panzer Corps 2. The first part to get released will cover the Spanish Civil War, and the team have had to get quite creative in terms of new mechanics and scenario set-ups to accurately depict the German involvement in this conflict.

The Condor Legion won’t really have any infantry capability, but new tools will let them direct AI controlled infantry units to help achieve victory. New victory conditions have also been created beyond mere hex-control. There will also be a three-way scenario, which is a series first, with another being the introduction of enemy ‘hero’ units.

panzer corps 2 dlc spanish civil war

The full dev diary is quite long, but full of interesting information and you can read it here.

OnePageRules Print-and-Play Starter Set

The absolute heroes over at OnePageRules have released their own ‘Starter Set’ themed around their homegrown Grim Dark miniature rules. Called The Battle for Magellan-2, it’s available to buy via wargamevault and offers everything you need to play a full game using their redux rules:

  • Core Game Rules
  • Unit Stat Cards (12 Cards)
  • Battle Brothers Army (16 Miniatures)
    • Heroes: Captain
    • Troops: Assault Brothers, Tactical Brothers
    • Upgrades: Flamethrower, Missile Launcher
  • Orc Marauders Army (27 Miniatures)
    • Heroes: Warlord, Shaman
    • Troops: Orc Mobs, Boss Mobs
    • Upgrades: Heavy Machinegun, Rocket Launcher
  • Terrain Pack (11 Terrain Pieces)
    • Small: Fields, Crates & Barrels, Barricades
    • Large: Forests, Ruins
  • Play Tokens (106 Tokens)
    • Objectives, Activations, Wounds, Pinning
    • Magic, Suppression, Fatigue, Danger

The rules themselves are only one page long, so the rest of the PDF is dedicated to game elements you can print out and assemble yourself. It costs $4.99.

Other War Games News

Eugen Systems have started sharing details regarding the new divisions being introduced in the upcoming Black Sunday DLC for Steel Division 2. First up is the Romanian “Greater Romania” 1 Blindata (1st Armoured) Division as well as the Soviet Union’s 7-y Mekh. Korpus (7th Mechanized Corps).

Field of Glory 2 has been updated to Version 1.5.3 - the “Warband Update”. You can read the full patch notes here.

Rule the Waves 2 has had a small update to Version 1.22. Full patch notes here.

That's all we have for you this week - enjoy your weekend!



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