Wargamer Weekly: Pass me the Cauldron

By Joe Robinson 15 May 2020 1

Despite really enjoying the fact that I’m back in the saddle, it has been rather slow in the Land of Grog these past couple of weeks. Apologies for the over-reliance on updating our ‘Best Games’ lists; in my defence, many of them were long overdue a dusting off because of me being away.

As we move forward and I start trying to cover more news during the week, the nature of this column might actually start changing. Not everything will get written up and I’m in the habit of saving anything that drops on Thursday for this column so they’ll be some news… but by and large they’ll be less to go in here, so I’m hoping to start looking at other things instead.

I’ve got quite a few tabletop wargames in my personal collection that I don’t really play. I’m probably a Collector, but I want to be a Player so you might see more stuff go in here around games I’m taking part in.

Interestingly at the moment I’m running a home-brew PBEM game in my spare time using an online piece of software called MURAL. The assets etc. are all the property of Jim Wallman - I’ve just borrowed them with permission. IT’s a late-19th Century Grand-Strategy/Political game. It’s very abstract and simple as it was originally intended to be a ‘megagame’, so it needs to be more imagination led. Here’s a sample:

OWO 1898 Sample

What you see here is essentially Colombia’s ‘Thousand Days War’ playing out. In this game, the American player has decided to directly intervene, while the French deploy troops to protect the Panama Canal (which is still being built by the French). Meanwhile, Venezuela has raised their army, and Brazil is also looking to intervene as I’m having the NPC take a more dominating role in the south-american continent. I wonder how it will play out?

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames...

Armoured Commander II Steam Release

Last week we reported that the WW2 roguelike/strategy war game Armoured Commander II was going to Steam Early Access. It officially released yesterday, and the beta build in general was updated to Version 4.0.

armoured commander 2 steam gameplay

The patch notes for this new version are quite big, but highlights include:

  • A redesigned ‘fate point’ system
  • Random Tank Model option
  • New sound effects
  • Campaign Records

The older test versions of Armoured Commander 2 (3.0 or earlier) will still be available to download and play for free via the official website, but 4.0 and beyond will be tied to the Steam Early Access version, so you’ll need to buy it.

New Game: Cauldrons of War - Barbarossa (Header Image)

One of our Discord members spotted a new war game that had gone up on Steam recently. CoW - Barbarossa is a turn-based strategic game set during the infamous WW2 operation on the Eastern Front.

It wasn’t to offer the large scope of the operation without going too much into depth or complexity, setting it apart from other ‘monster’ games that cover the same theme. The game description is a little cryptic so it’s hard to really summarize how everything works, but there’s mention of a “test-based” system.

It’s due to release on June 22nd, 2020.

cauldrons of war barbarossa

One Page Rules GameJam Produces 23 Free Games

The guys over at OnePageRules held a 'game jam' session this past weekend, where they invited members of the public to get together and form teams to create their own OnePageRule variants based along a set theme voted on by the community. The chosen theme was Asymmetric Design, and the Jam finished at 8pm UK time on Sunday.

one page rules game jam entries

Around 65 people took part, and between them created 23 new slimline table-top rules across various settings and genres, but all featuring asymmetric rules for factions. They are all available to download and play with for free here, so make sure you check them out!

In other news:

  • Field of Glory: Empires' first DLC pack is due out next week.
  • Shadow Empire is due out on June 4th.
  • Close Combat: Wacht Am Rhein has finally landed on Steam.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week - enjoy your weekends!



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