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By Joe Robinson 22 May 2020 2

It’s been another slow week in the world of wargames, although looking below I feel I’ve perhaps saved a bit too much for this week's news article than I needed to. Still it’s given me an excuse to go back through some of our older articles to see which are worth highlighting again.

This is different to the ‘List’ feature work we do, which are on a formal 2-3 month rotation. This week I republished a feature on the HoI4 Kaiserreich mod from a year ago, an article of Bill’s looking a heraldry and Flags in table-top wargaming (from 2016) as well as republishing an article from our sister site Pocket Tactics that’s no longer live.

I’m still running that 19th Century Grand-Strategy game in my spare time. We’ve in 1901 at the moment and the Italian-Turkish War has kicked off about ten years early, but for similar reasons. The Mediterranean is looking like this at the moment:

OWO 1898 Sample2

Meanwhile, in the world of war games...

Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg Released

Starni Games’ third turn-based strategy wargame, Strategic Mind: Blitzkrieg, was released today on steam. It’s a spiritual successor of their first game Panzer Strategy, except from the Axis perspective.

It attempts to challenge Panzer Corps 2 and other Panzer General successors with its own blend of 3D turn-based strategy. We weren’t fans of the other two games, but maybe this one will be better. We’ll let you know.

Rule the Waves 2 WW2 Mod

I was just talking about Rule the Waves 2 earlier in the week after I had a brief stint with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. I’ve not played it much since last year and not really checked to see what mods are available.

This 1936 start mod though was shared via the /r/computerwargames reddit board. It includes historical aircraft, air groups, submarine fleets, and coastal defenses and also introduces the Netherlands as an opponent.

Libertadores Changes Name

This is just a quick (and slightly bizarre) not to let you all know that Avalon Digital’s upcoming game Libertadores has had to change its name to Libertad o Muerte. Apparently someone has recently trademarked the name and blocked the developers from publishing the game unless they changed the title.

Libertad o Muerte is being made by the same team that created Battles for Spain, and covers the wars for independence in Spanish Colombia in the early 19th Century. It’s still due to release on June 12th, despite this strange turn of events.

Liberatadores name change

Big Warhammer 40K Reveal this Weekend

Another quick note to let you know that Games Workshop are going to be revealing something big concerning Warhammer 40K tomorrow. The current rumour mill suggests a full-blown 9th Edition announcement, but it could be something else. It would fit the timings though, considering when 8th Edition was announced and then 7th edition before that. There’s also this weirdly speculative piece from the Warhammer Community team talking about the “end of the Imperium”, so… yeah.

The announcement stream is due to take place tomorrow at 1:45pm BST on Twitch, and you can get the full details here. We’ll try and keep an eye on the news for you, but if you don’t hear from us we’ll do a full report on Monday.

And the rest....

That’s all we have for you today - enjoy your weekends and happy gaming!



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