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By Joe Robinson 01 Nov 2019 0

It's been a great week for computer war games. Why? Because I am here! (That's an anime reference, I'm sorry). Other than what we've already written up, there was plenty of other things to catch up on as well - including several items we accidentally glossed over from past weeks.

We've got a few things lined up for next week as well, including our review of the new Amored Brigade DLC which released today. The 'other' Joe is also working on a bit of a 'out-of-the-box' feature project which should be amusing, and well researched.

Meanwhile, in the world of war games...

Matrix Games Halloween Sale

Lots of Halloween sale events happening this week, and Matrix Games are also getting involved. From now until November 4th you can use the coupon code ‘HappyHalloween19’ to get 30% off. The following games are not included:

  • Close Combat: The Bloody First
  • Warhammer 40,000 Gladius: Fortification Pack
  • WarPlan
  • Armored Brigade
  • Armored Brigade Nation Pack: France – Belgium
  • Armored Brigade Nation Pack: Italy - Yugoslavia

There is a separate sale going on for Armored Brigade to celebrate the New DLC and Steam launch. Remember if you’re at the point where you’ve put in your payment details, you’ve gone too far and won’t get the discount.

New Game: Task Force Admiral

Proof that I’m not omnipotent, or even that good at remembering things, so if you want to get your news featured in our column, it’s always a good idea to reach out directly. Task Force Admiral is a new project that’s appeared that I’ve known was a thing, but kept forgetting to write it up.

It’s made by Drydock Dreams Games and puts you in the Pacific Theater in 1942, as the admiral in charge of an American Carrier Task force. It’s looking to hit the ‘Simulation’ end of the Naval Warfare spectrum, and will be a single-player experience.

You can visit their official website for more details and/or watch some alpha gameplay footage below:

New Second Front Gameplay Footage

Second Front’s development is coming along nicely, and they’re regularly putting out screenshots and gameplay snippets. Here’s the latest gameplay video so you can have a look:

Rule the Waves 2 Update

Something we forgot to mention when it dropped was that there's a new update our for Rule the Waves 2, bringing it to version 1.10. This one's a bigger update, so check out the full change-log below:

  • The age at which the AI considers scrapping ships will increase in the later part of the game.
  • Removed "Has sunk" message in battle.
  • Fixed error message when multi-dragging aircraft to the reserve.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scout forces not to appear.
  • You will now get a warning if you try to launch planes from a carrier that cannot perform flight operations. (Previously the strike would just not ready.)
  • Improved AI airstrikes on spotted player carriers and capital ships.
  • Carrier divisions now listed first in the division list in the setup strike screen.
  • Reduced chance for two turrets damaged on critical hit.
  • Immunity zone calculation now includes effect of inclined belt and additional deck armour.
  • Improved AI economic management of air units.
  • There is now a max value for secondary and tertiary gun calibre in design screen.
  • The time until a ship becomes obsolete will now increase to 12 years after 1935 and 14 years after 1945.
  • Own AI controlled ships (like convoys) will now be visible on radar. Note: This can make things more confusing in night battles, not less.
  • When multi selecting airbases in the coastal fortifications tab and selecting expand, all selected airbases will be expanded (if possible).
  • If you setup a strike and select launch, you will have an opportunity to adjust the target location when the strike is spotting.
  • Tweaked airstrike target selection so that they will ignore non-carrier targets on their way to the specified target location.
  • Adjusted air combat to increase the value of escorting fighters relative to CAP.
  • Added warning message if a multi carrier combined strike is attempted when the tech is not researched. (Previously the squadrons from the second and subsequent carriers would just go uncoordinated.)
  • Longer starting ranges in battles where carriers are present.
  • Carriers taking part in an exercise will have their full air compliment even if they are in reserve (they are assumed to have been brought up to strength for the exercise).
  • AI nation treaties against the player will now show in the tension popup.
  • Increased the point value of carriers for VP purposes.
  • The AI will now launch larger and better coordinated airstrikes on naval targets.
  • Fixed a bug with AI submarines not sinking any merchants.
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.09 where old game files were not cleared.

There's also been a hotfix released since this update was pushed out.

New Blocks Game on Kickstarter

Avalon Digital did a pretty good job bringing Columbia Games' Richard III block wargame to digital, and now they're looking to do it again with Blocks! Julius Caesar. Same deal as before - they're recreating this board-game as a digital experience, so expect aesthetic in line with the board-game, just with more automation and more bells and whistles. For some-reason this also has a Kickstarter campaign, even though we're confident this is releasing at the end of November anyway.

bloack julius ceaser


You may remember back in March we helped spread the word of a new book series that had just published that attempted to provide a detailed accounting and history of the Gulf States and their armed forces. The first volume focused on the Trucial States and the UAE. Volume 2 focuses on Oman from 1921 - 2012. As before, you can order from Amazon (where we earn a bit of money), or go straight to the publisher's website.

Volume 3, which is due next year will cover Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

Hearts of Iron 4 Dev Diary

Now that La Resistance has officially been announced, the Hearts of Iron 4 dev diaries can start getting a little more interesting again as we hear more about the expansion features. In this week’s diary podcat blows the lid on the new Espionage mechanics and how a player’s Intelligence Agency works.

Lots of interesting stuff to digest there, including what the branch upgrades look like and how the Spy Master mechanic works.

That's all for this weeks news blast, have a great weekend!




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