Wargamer Weekly: A Storm is Coming (Next Week)

By Joe Robinson 08 Nov 2019 0

It’s been a super-slow week in wargaming, although it’s definitely a ‘calm before the storm’ type scenario. Jack’s hard at work with the Unity of Command 2 review, which is due out on Tuesday, and we’ve just this minute received review code for Command: Modern Operations.

That’s due out next Thursday, but I’m honestly not sure if our review will be ready in time - it’s a very tight turn-around to evaluate something like this, and since it’s not really my area of expertise it’s unlikely I’ll be able to put out preview coverage myself. We’ll get it to you as soon as we can though!

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming...

Matrix Games

Not as much to talk about from these guys this week. The first developer diary for Strategic Command: World War 1 dropped, which means that they must be building towards it's release. Not sure if we'll see this one next year or not, but you never know. This diary looks at the ins and outs of the deployment phase.

If you're excited about Command: Modern Operation's release next week, than why not peruse the manual in digital form? Help get yourself up to speed on the new features. Finally, Field of Glory 2 has also been updated to v1.5.21.

The Royal British Legion gets into Streaming

The Royal British Legion (A British charity that provides support to members/veterans of the British Armed Forces and their families) has decided to get into streaming on Twitch via The Legion Games initiative.

Content Creators will square off against Armed Forces veterans in exhibition matches, with viewers able to donate to the charity directly on-stream. The inaugural match is this evening, 5pm BST and will feature Two Angry Gamers vs two members of the armed forces, one who had to be medically discharged and uses gaming as a way to keep in touch with his friends and keep his mental health in check.

You can find out more about the program on the official website

And… that’s it? I think? There’s a new Second Front video from yesterday that shows off a tank:

Other than that, Invasion Machine was supposed to launch into Early Access proper this week, but it’s been delayed again till at least December, if not more. The developer still isn’t happy with the state of the game to put it in the hands of the wider audience, although as we’ve reported before there is a free Alpha available if you want to give it a go.

If there's been anything else happening that you think wargames need to know about, drop us a line! Quite happy to update this post if needed. Enjoy your weekends!



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