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By Joe Robinson 30 Oct 2020 2

It’s the end of the month, which usually means we run out of bigger features from the gang and have to make do with odds and sods until next month’s content schedule can kick in. Had some tabletop-themed projects I’ve been meaning to look at for a while - Timothy reviewed the digital adaptation of Root for us, I had Joe whip up a new list of Best Things based on the subject of war board games, and we got another GMT review out the door with Storm over Asia as well.

Next week we should have a review of the Unity of Command 2 DLC, and I’ll be doing a write-up of that new Mobius Front ‘83 game as well since I’m reviewing it for PCGN. We’ve also got a few more guide updates on the horizon as well, and we’ll be keeping an eye on news as it comes in. Header image is from Victory at Sea: Ironclad (see below).

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

New Game: Victory at Sea: Ironclad

We didn’t spot Ironclad at first - the only reason we found out about it was because the developers at Evil Twin Artworks did a stream during the recent Steam Tabletop Fest. It seems they’re moving on from Victory at Sea: Pacific and creating a new naval wargame set during the American Civil War.

victory at sea ironclad

As with Pacific, this will feature a campaign-layer as well as a tactical battle engine. The game will also feature river engagement, as well as some expanded management aspects in terms of developing your economic & production power. The developers are going down the Early Access route with this one, something they realised they perhaps should have done with Pacific in order to get that crucial early feedback. No idea as to when it will release, but they’re aiming for an EA period of around 4 months at maximum.

Imperiums: Troy DLC

You may remember the Slitherine-published title Aggressors: Ancient Rome. This was a Civilization-style wargame set in the ancient world. It had some promise to it, although at times it felt more like a custom Civ-scenario than a game in its own right. Still, that didn’t stop the devs moving on to develop a new, self-published title called Imperiums: Greek Wars.

imperiums troy dlc

For now, the old Strategy Gamer review is still live if you wanted to know what we thought of it. Again, a very promising indie 4X title. It's getting its first piece of DLC sometime soon called Imperiums: Troy, which is a shorter ‘scenario’ that will be based on the Trojan War. The developers have recently put up a dev diary looking into the add-on in more depth.

Grand Tactician Updated

Grand Tactician is still continuing its development, and a new patch dropped at the start of the week. You can read the full patch notes here, but highlights include a new map (though not for the main campaign), lots of campaign layer improvements as well as further battle tweaks as well. Carbines aren't as lethal as they once were, for example.

New Game: Middle East Crisis

It’s official - we’re now in an era where everyone just wants to make games about the Middle East. This new game gives off some serious Command & Conquer vibes, but is set in modern-era Iran and Syria. Because the people of those countries really need a new game glorifying what’s happening to them right now.

This new RTS is set to feature a campaign and multiplayer support. We’re not really sure what else to say about it for the moment - details are scarce. It might involve the US and Russia fighting it out? I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Clad in Iron: Philippines 1898 Update

This game has just received a major update, primarily focusing on the campaign layer. There’s now a brand new strategic map with new harbours, and the balance of power has also been changed. Spain and the US have also received new 3D ship models, and there’s been some general graphical improvements as well.

New Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol Box Sets

Warhammer 40K 9th edition news keeps coming by the week, and the latest update on the miniatures front is that Games Workshop are planning on releasing new starter sets called ‘Combat Patrols’. These are going to slowly replace the old ‘Star Collecting!’ boxes, and will feature a 25 Power/500 point army. This is especially useful for playing the newly introduced ‘Combat Patrol’ game-type, which is aimed at enabling quicker games with smaller armies, and uses the ‘Patrol’ detachment rules.

warhammer 40k combat patrols

Two such box sets have been announced so far - one for the Space Wolves, and another for the Deathwatch. These smaller collections can be easily expanded upon to scale up to the next threshold - Incursion.

A final couple of notes; Graviteam Tactics: Minus Front and all of its DLC is currently on sale, and the next Strategic Mind game, Spectre of Communism, is due out on November 13th. Enjoy your weekends!



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