Wargamer Weekly: War-K Resolution

By Joe Robinson 17 Jan 2020 1

Not much to catch up on this week that we haven’t already covered, but there are a couple of things. I’ve been spending a lot of the past few days devising a ‘grand’ strategy for the rest of the year, and I’m hoping to experiment with more stuff, so watch this space.

A note on the header image - it’s a shot from the in-game campaign map for Grand Tactician, the upcoming real-time operational American Civil War game. There’s nothing really new-worthy to talk about other than it exists, but I wanted to include it anyway. If you can see the little flags on the map, they represent armies, corps and/or forts.

Game-Labs - Naval Action & New Game

It’s not all about the new Ultimate Admiral games - Game-Labs still have their Naval Action Age of Sail multiplayer naval warfare game, which was named by Steam to be one of the best of 2019’s ‘Early Access Graduates’ for revenue.

naval action award

They’ve released a developer update outlining their plans for more Naval Action content (as well as some changes in direction in terms of update) and about how they’re working on a new single-player game called Sea Legends. It will be about smugglers and privateers in the Mediterranean and North Sea, and will feature a first-person view mode from the deck. 

I've never really been able to get a good read on how big this studio is - I hope this isn't too much work.

Panzer Corps 2 Release Date

I’m not a big fan of promoting announcements of announcements, but you’ll want to know about this one. We’re finally going to get a release date for Panzer Corps 2… next week. Slitherien are hosting a special live-stream on their Twitch channel next Monday from 5pm, when the announcement will be made. They even made a trailer for it:

ArmA 3 is Free-to-Play this weekend

Until 6pm GMT on Sunday, January 19th, 2020, Arma 3 is free to play on Steam. You won’t be able to keep it forever if you download it but if you want to keep access there’s also a sales promotion running with up to 70% off the base game AND the far-more essential Apex Edition. We’ve got a DLC guide made up if you’re interested in what to buy.

ColdWARGame Dev Diary

ColdWARGame is a game we spotted late last year that looks like it’s trying really hard to not look like Eugen’s Wargame series. Like, REALLY hard. It’s just released its first dev diary introducing the various troop types available in the game.

coldwargame dev diary 1

Honestly, it’s nothing like Wargame at all.

Table-Top News

A couple of bits of table-top news caught my eye this week - one fun, one unfortunate. We’ll get the bad news out of the way first.

If you know of Fenris Games, one of the many companies that makes historical miniatures, you might be sad to know that they're having to shut down his workshop from February this year due to mounting costs. This bit of news is doubly tragic for me as not only had I not heard of him before, I also hadn’t realised that his workshop is quite literally just down the road from my house. Based on where he’s located, it’s no surprise he’s bleeding money on rent and fees.

The other bit of news is a bit more fun - if you’re a Warhammer fan and use Twitter, you may know of Duncan Rhodes. He was one of their key community people, and was very active on Social Media in terms of showcasing Games Workshop models that he’s personally painted up. He was let go recently, and now his Twitter account has exploded with him showcasing literally every other (non-GW) table-top wargame he owns, because now he can. You should give him a follow as there’s some great snaps on there.

That’s all we’ve got time for this week - see you Monday!



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