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By Joe Robinson 12 Jun 2020 0

It’s been a slightly more interesting week in wargames but things are still rather on the slow side. We’ve got some new DLC to look forward to; Steel Division 2’s latest History Pack was announced last night, and Panzer Corps 2 is getting some new content, which we’ve looked at below.

We’ve got a review of Libertad o Muerte! in the works, which is releasing today, as well as the PC version of Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal which released last week. I’m also still working on my own review of Undaunted: North Africa but it’s taking a bit longer to work through the game than I thought it would. Not because it’s a difficult game, mind. My wife just keeps bailing on me.

If anyone is still interested in the 19th/20th century table-top game I’m running, things have gotten a little slow this past month as I returned to working full time, but the Italian-Turkish War is still raging. The Italians have just managed to claw the upper-hand in the big naval battle in the Central Mediterranean, but the war in Tunis has gotten very bloody. Ottomans outnumber the Italians, but the Italians gave out far more hits than they received last turn.

It could go either way:

italian turkish war

Meanwhile, in the world of war games...

Panzer Corps 2 Axis Operations Announced

Panzer Corps 2 released back in March to a lot of positive reviews (including ours). Anyone who pre-ordered the Field Marshal edition was going to get the first two DLC packs for free and now we finally know what the shape of PC2’s future will look like.

Since launch one of the most requested features was a new Grand Campaign, where you could take the same core set of units through a 100+ scenario mega campaign that runs from 1939 through to the end of the war in 1945. For Panzer Corps 2 Matrix is trying to go a bit further and offer even more scenarios & content than what you got in the first Panzer Corps game.

panzer corps 2 dlc logo

The upcoming DLCs for Panzer Corps 2 will form the first steps of the ‘Grand Campaign’ for the Axis forces:

  • Axis Operations - Spanish Civil War
  • Axis Operations - 1939

The first one is a bit self-evident - you will play as the Condor Legion during their operations fighting with the Nationalists during the Spanish Civil War. Nationalist Spanish troops will be present as AI-allies, but you can’t issue them direct orders - you can only give high-level guidance such as ‘Attack here’ or ‘Defend here’. It will be released on July 16th, 2020.

The next DLC pack isn’t as obvious. Instead of going to Poland, this next link in the ‘Grand Campaign’ chain actually covers the German invasion of Czechoslovakia. It also covers the Saar Offensive where the French actually attempted to invade Germany while they were invading Poland. As with the first game, you can bring your core units from scenario to scenario across all of the different dlcs and base game scenarios. The ‘1939’ expansion will be released on August 27th, 2020.

panzer corps 2 spanish civil war dlc

As an added bonus for those who own the Field Marshal edition, you will be able to download and play the new expansions a week before their intended release date. You can read more details regarding the plan for Axis Operations here.

In other news:

  • Command LIVE’s new micro-scenario, Aegean in Flames, is out now.
  • Shadow Empire has already been updated to Version 1.02, patch notes here
  • Gary Grigsy’s War in the East II, which still hasn’t been officially announced yet, is recruiting for new beta testers on the Matrix Forum. 

Professional War Games - DSTL & Matrix Partnership one year on

As an informal ‘side-passion’, I’ve always been interested in how wargames are created and modelled in the defence industry. You may remember that I often do write-ups on ‘megagames’ - large scale events involving anywhere up to 100 people essentially playing a table-top game. These are often born out of services and products designed for agencies like the MOD and their research arm, DSTL.

Digital wargaming is an issue that’s becoming more and more relevant as the years go on, and despite what you may think of them as a publisher Matrix/Slitherine have done a lot of work trying to be champions of digital wargaming within the defence industry. The ‘PE’ version of Command is essentially made for military use, and other games like Combat Mission have been used as well.

To mark the end of the first year of a successful partnership, DSTL and Matrix released this video looking at what they’ve been up to, and what role digital wargames have to play in informing real-world military strategy.

WarBlog Reddit Forum

Something we stumbled across during the week is a new Reddit forum called ‘WarBlog’. It seems to be an official off-shoot for this website of the same name that offers ‘Modern’ war game scenarios to play online or via Print-and-Play. You must pay an annual fee (50 EUROS) or a monthly subscription (5 EUROS).

I could have sworn we’ve mentioned this website before, but I don’t remember it being called ‘War Blog’.

war blog website

The Reddit Forum is populated by video posts of various scenarios in play, so if you see something that takes your fancy give the video a watch. Should make for some good lunch-time entertainment. The scenarios featured on the forum and website are all post 1945.

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition - Terrain

Warhammer Community continues to roll out information and teases regarding various aspects of the new edition that’s coming out sometime soon. The latest information trop involves the changes being made to terrain, which you can read about here.

It seems they are changing things so that terrain is treated as objects with mechanics, rather than just a physical 3D element on a game map. Terrain can be classed as one of four different types, and possess any number of traits. Line of Sight specifically has been targeted - you no longer have to worry about sweaty trick shots that just manage to line through a gap in a wall and several windows.

I’m trying hard to not get excited about this. While Space Marines themselves are kind of boring I used to love collecting Imperial Guard, and the infantry aesthetic of the Tau are very appealing. Beyond that, I just love reading about rules - I think I have more rulebooks than I have actual table-top games I play.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week - have a good weekend!



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