There are some great war games available on mobile

By Joe Robinson 28 Jan 2019 0

Computer war games is a niche section of digital gaming even at the best of times, but no more is this more apparent than the mobile app stores. Companies like HexWar have always been quite good at supporting Grogs with iPads, and for a while Slitherine was interested in that market as well.

Sadly, a combination of the changing nature of the mobile market and the so-called ‘Appocalypse’ that knocked many games off the iOS store completely (still believed to be the most lucrative store compared to Google Play), means that new releases have been slow and far between. HexWar is still plugging away, as are some other smaller devs, but the high-profile ports of PC war games arn't appearing anymore.

Still, there are some excellent war games currently available on iOS and Android if you know where to look.

Wargamer reported Ben Moores put together a guide for our sister website, Pocket Tactics, on some top war game picks if anyone’s interested. If you’re partial to some war gaming on-the-go, we definitely suggest checking some of these out – the gamers people buy, the less games that get made.



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