War in the West: Operation Torch -- Rommel Attacks AAR

By Owen Faraday 12 Oct 2015 0

2x3 Games released the latest in their long-running series of Texas-sized computer wargames last week with a game whose enormous scope is exceeded only by the length of its title: Gary Grigsby's War in the West: Operation Torch. This is an expansion to 2014's WWII high-level wargame War in the West which adds scenarios in and around the Mediterranean, plus some late-war Grand Campaigns and an interesting new air-power scenario that tasks you with destroying Germany's oil production. Heady stuff.

Jim Bott was kind enough to send us an after-action report of his tangle with the Desert Rats as Rommel in the Kaserine Pass-based "Rommel Attacks" scenario from Operation Torch. He's sent it to us as slides, so you might be able to gin these into Powerpoint and flip through them at the office today in the guise of doing real work. Thank me later.







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