War over Vietnam

By Scott Parrino 03 Jun 2004 0


Gary "Mo" Morgan, the scenario designer behind HPS Sims' new War over Vietnam sent along a prime selection of exclusive screenshots from this new air campaign simulation.  As the title implies, this is a historically accurate simulation based on Morgan's military experience in Vietnam: the game focuses entirely on creating a modern air war as told through the instruments and electronic surveillance equipment seen by commanders.  

For more on War on Vietnam, pay a visit to the game's official web site or look for The Wargamer's review in the weeks ahead.


Operation Pierce Arrow - three strike waves against three coastal targets.

Thanh Hoa - Robbie Risner?s lead F-105 selected.

Thanh Hoa ? Zoom in of RF-101 prestrike recce and F-100 flak suppression flights

Arc Light ? B-52s over Thailand heading for Mu Gia Pass

Operation Bolo ? First F-4 missile shots against MiG-21s intercepting

Operation Bolo continued

Thai Nguyen Steel Plant ? Weasels troll for SAMs before the strike; two SAMs in the air.

Thai Nguyen continued ? Weasels head toward active SAM site.

Relief of Khe Sanh ? B-52s inbound to hit attacking troops.

Relief of Khe Sanh ? F-100s inbound to hit troops.

Night 8 Linebacker II ? Terrain map off, shows burnthrough boxes from all the standoff jammers against all the SA-2 radars. Very intricate!

Full view showing all scenario filenames.

Phuc Yen Airbase attack ? shows US Navy forces inbound still ?feet wet.?

Phuc Yen ? CAP engages MiG-21 interceptors as standoff jammers get set up.



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