Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Units - The Night Elves

By Scott Parrino 23 Apr 2003 0

What's New in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne - The Night Elves

Editor's Note: This is the third article in an ongoing series previewing the Warcraft III: Frozen Throne expansion pack.  See also the unit preview of the Undead or our general game preview.

They're cute, they're female, and they disappear in the dark. That's right the Night Elves are back and ready to take all the punishment the enemy can dish out. Per Blizzard's flaunting, they, too, have a new hero in store for the player: the Warden. However that's not all because apart from granting some new minor abilities (like the ability to dismount Hippograph archers), there's a new unit or two to put the "ferocious killing beast" back into...Night Elf.

The Warden - Not only is the name cool, but this hero is by far the most resourceful at evading sticky situations where enemies exclusively hunt the player's hero. With the rather unique ability "Blink" the Warden can teleport a short distance that's just far enough for her to escape the fray of battle, but close enough so that a fan of knives (a multi-target ranged attack) or two can come into play. If that's not enough to get pumped about the Warden, check out her cape...its bottom is covered in blades. Can you guess my next Halloween costume?

The Mountain Giant - Now this name is a bit of a misnomer because although the unit my be giant, it's not really "mountainous," it's more like the coolest looking rock that heat and pressure has ever forged. With the ability to literally tear trees out of the ground and use them as massive clubs to beat the enemy senseless, the Mountain Giant is like a moving fortress. Massive amounts of punishment, both magical and conventional, have to be dealt to this monstrosity before it falls? and its safe to say that something that's this big probably falls with a bit of force too.

The Faerie Dragon - This unit is definitely not intended for mass production, but having two or three around in the heat of battle my tip the balance in favor of the good guys. The unit is practically a headhunter for heroes with its Mana Flare ability that actually deals damage to the caster of any negative magic spells along with draining its mana. But what's particularly obnoxious (or great depending on how you look at it) about this unit is that it has the ability to "phase" in and out of visibility every time its hit. To avoid being pummeled, the unit can disappear into thin air after each time its dealt damage, quite an effective little trick.

Ancient of Wonders - This building basically serves the same purpose as the Undead's Tomb of Relics: it supplies every hero with all their shopping needs. Kind of like the Wal-Mart of spells and abilities, this building is a major building block for the tech tree and can hold some pretty handy stuff to stock up on before embarking on a battle.



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