Warcraft III: Frozen Throne Units - The Undead

By Scott Parrino 16 Apr 2003 0

What's New in Warcraft III: Frozen Throne - The Undead

There are a few new characters, demons, and Satan worshipers that one might want to become acquainted with before Warcraft III's expansion, Frozen Throne is released (readers can also consult with our detailed preview). Along with that, Blizzard's taken the liberty of including a few new buildings, hirable units, and neat little features available both to all, and only specific races. Let's take a look at the undead first:

The Crypt Lord - Now this massive bug knows how to start a party. With its special ability to "impale," this creature will pick up any ground unit and hurl it about 100 yards into the air. Some gamers might think that that's a lame looking and sounding special attack, and it is, but rest assured that its pretty hilarious to watch a Tauren get thrown like an egg at an egg toss. To add to the unit tossing, the Crypt Lord also has the ability to auto cast the "Carrion Beetle" spell, which creates tiny mauling beetles that would make any gamer's skin crawl. Finally, the Crypt Lord has the ability to change its outfit from the already color coordinated red and teal to a more...belligerent "Spiked Carapace" that provides it with additional armor and increased damage on attacking melee units.

Burrowing - Crypt Fiends now are able to burrow into the ground in just a few seconds allowing the player to hide what might amount to an entire army right in front of an enemy base. Let's see. Where have we all heard of that ability before? Maybe it's from that other lesser-known, rather unsuccessful Blizzard title called...oh what was the name...ah yes, Starcraft.

The Obsidian Statue - Apparently the Undead are into the Egyptian scene because now they're in possession of a very neat looking unit called the Obsidian Statue. What's more is that this floating, glowing, and looming unit has the ability to become a flying, more potent unit, called The Black Sphinx. I haven't really had a chance to look at the pros and cons of both units, but I always morph to the Black Sphinx having built an Obsidian Statue just because it looks so damn cool.

The Tomb of Relics - That's right, its one stop shopping for all your heroes' needs. This surprisingly symmetrical building contains about a billion little trinkets and spells to upgrade and arm any hero. It's also a pretty crucial tech tree item so this building is certainly not one to be neglected in the course of play.

And now, here's some eye candy that spotlight the main additions to Warcraft III that I just mentioned:


Meet the Crypt Lord. And be sure to compliment him on those charming teal wing covers.

The Crypt Lord in action. He just tossed a troll like a rag doll

A nice close-up of the Crypt Lord tearing the enemy limb from limb.

A look at the friendly units available at the Mercenary Camp. (Bottom Right)



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