Wargame Design Studio release first wave of updates for Civil War Battles series

By Joe Robinson 04 Jun 2018 0

You may remember that in July last year, indie computer wargame developer Wargame Design Studio had been given responsibility of updating JTS’ Civil War Battles series.

Now, just shy of a year later, the company has released the first wave of updates for those games.

Campaign Antietam, Campaign Chancellorsville and Campaign Peninsula are the first titles to be updated to version 3.0, as well as getting new hand-drawn 3D maps that you can download separately.

WDS Civil War 1

A fourth title, Campaign Petersburg, already had 3D maps, but has also been updated to version 3.01 to bring it in line with the other three in terms of quality:

A lot has been done and you will notice more options to switch graphics on and off as well as additional graphic sets. The Old Banshee team have closely collaborated and provided their excellent work in theses patches and map updates. In Chancellorsville, the team even provided multiple maps covering the different seasons as this area was fought over for an extended period of time. Seeing the attention to detail including both summer, fall, winter and snow maps was above and beyond.

You should check out the official update post for the full change-log in terms of how these games have been updated. There’s also plenty of imagery showing off the new 2D and 3D interfaces.

These updates are free for existing owners of either the HPS or the JTS versions of the Civil War Battles games. Anyone purchasing updated titles from today will get the updates automatically included in the purchase.



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