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By Joe Robinson 20 Nov 2020 4

The surprise twist of this week was of course the revelation that Game-labs are working on a new Ultimate General game. Beyond that, it's been a fairly standard week. ICBM released, and it's exactly how I thought it be - DEFCON, just with some modern niceties. This is only a criticism if you feel like DEFCON didn't need a remake.

We also took a look at an up-and-coming Hearts of Iron 4 mod that's set during the Cold War, and Bill brought back his report from the recent digital HMGS event. Next week we've got a few more tabletop focused things on the horizon, mainly due to how the timings for freelance commissions have panned out, but there is a review of Scheldt '44 in the works, and Bill is looking at the recently released SGS Afrika Corps. We've got other stuff in the pipeline for early December too.

The header image is from War Room, mentioned below.

Single Malt Strategy

Our friends at Single Malt Strategy have been doing a number of interviews lately with leading figures in the digital wargames space. The most recent is with Luke Hughes, of Burden of Command fame, but they've also talked to the devs of Grand Tactician, Lock N Load Publishing and MicroProse. The most recent interview is below but you can access the full playlist of all the interviews here.

War Room returns to steam

We’ve written about War Room before: a real-time strategy/simulation game that puts you in Afghanistan during the recent troubles there, and tasks you with maintaining the peace. A bit like how Afghanistan ‘11 is designed, you have a whole theatre to manage and must look after combat patrols, working on the hearts & minds of the populace, but also fighting the insurgents wherever they appear. Being a wargame there is a specific focus on military operations vs something like Rebel Inc., but it strives for realism, for sure.

war room rts

Current impressions are mixed, but generally people seem to be enjoying the premise. The real issues are bugs and some optimisation work, although the developers have already admitted to us via email that they’re already aware of several issues they want to improve on. We’ve got code, so we’ll be giving some early access impressions

Kards is getting a new expansion

WW2 TCG Kards is still going strong, and will be releasing a new expansion next month on December 9. Called Breakthrough, it will be a free update that will add 81 new cards to the pool that will introduce new tactics and strategies to the game.

Kards Breakthrough set

The ‘Pincer’ keyword will be introduced, which will allow two cards to team up on a powerful attack, and the concept of ‘research’ is being added to the game. This is a slow-burn strategy that will get stronger the longer a match takes, offering some powerful late-game abilities. The new card allocation will see 15 for the five main Nations (Britain, Germany, Japan, Soviet, USA), and then three each for the support Nations (Italy and France).

The business model for Kards follows contemporary digital CCGs like Hearthstone - all of the cards can be unlocked for free through play, but you can also spend real-money to buy set booster packs. Three pre-order bundles are currently live for the breakthrough expansion, which will offer a 30% discount on the price of boosters once they are released for general sale after December 9.

The Legions are coming to Imperator: Rome

We’ve not been tracking Imperator much here on Wargamer, but if you weren’t in the loop the developers are working towards a big 2.0 refresh to give the ancients-era grand strategy game a new lease of life. These past couple of weeks the dev diaries have been talking about warfare related changes, specifically to how armies work.

imperator 2.0 warfare changes

In short- standing armies are a thing of the past… unless you’re a Republic of a Monarchy and you unlock specific techs. But generally speaking armies are raised as levies from your population, which makes me happy. Standing armies, or ‘Legions’ can be created eventually, but they become permanent fixtures and can only be destroyed if physically disbanded by the owner or if the faction itself is destroyed. You can read more details here, and here, but this is good. Standing armies weren’t generally a thing for most of Imperator: Rome’s time period, and it was something that always bothered me about the game.

World of Warships Black Friday deals

World of Warships is kicking off Black Friday early with a special gift for Prime Gaming players, who will be given a special combat mission that offers a unique ‘Black Friday’ container as a reward.

world of warships black friday 2020

Each container will contain one of the following items:

  • Tier IX Alaska B with a black permanent camouflage and Commander with 10 skill points
  • Tier VIII Graf Zeppelin B with a black permanent camouflage and Commander with 10 skill points
  • Tier VII Scharnhorst B with a black permanent camouflage and Commander with 10 skill points
  • Tier VII Sims B with a black permanent camouflage and Commander with 10 skill points
  • 14 days of Warships Premium Account
  • 1,250 doubloons
  • 20x Shadow Lurker camouflage patterns
  • 10x Type 59 camouflage patterns
  • 35,000 Free XP

You will need Amazon Prime to take part in this, and you can read more details about the event here. Try World of Warships for free right now.

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Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing & Armada move home

So this is an interesting move. Asmodee, the table-top giant that seems to own nearly everyone at the moment, has been doing some shuffling. Fantasy Flight Games are knowing for wide range of cool things, the coolest being their range of Star Wars table-top wargame line; X-Wing, Legion & Armada.

star wars armada galactic republic fleet

As of this week, those games are no longer within their wheelhouse. Asmodee also owns another studio called Atomic Mass Games, who have now taken custody of those franchises and will be handling future development. We’re not sure what this will mean for the future of the three games, but Legion and Armada at least are just kicking off their Clone Wars-era stuff, so hopefully there’s still plenty of life left in them. You can read more about the move here.

New Warhammer 40,000 Battleforce sets announced

Games Workshop have announced new big box collections for six 40K factions, one each for the Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Chaos Marines, Necrons, Tyranids, and the T’au.

40k battleforce 2020 box

Each box is slightly different and comes with a different configuration of troops types and vehicles. Unlike the Combat Patrol boxes, these Battleforce boxes don’t seem tailor made for any specific level of play. There’s more than a single Combat Patrol sized army in the boxes, but we suspect less than the next tier up. This will allow you to mix and match to create a variety of Combat Patrol forces, or in the Space Marine’s case perhaps combine with an existing CP box to create a larger army.

Speaking of Combat Patrols, the Blood Angels Combat Patrol box has also been confirmed.

That's all we have for you this week, enjoy your weekends!



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