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By Joe Robinson 06 Nov 2020 1

It was a bit of a slow week towards the start, apologies for that, but hopefully you enjoyed reading all of the content we put up towards the latter half. Unity of Command 2’s first expansion is, unsurprisingly, pretty good, as is Mobius Front ‘83 but it’s not quite the game I was hoping it would be. Plenty of tabletop stuff as well, from Bill’s musings over ‘remastered’ hex war games to me doing more Warhammer 40K stuff, for anyone interested.

Next week we should have some Hearts of Iron 4 content going up, as well as some indie stuff from the other Joe. If you’re interested, applications for the new Editor and Staff Writer position are now closed, and interviews are being conducted with hopeful candidates over the next week or so - we’ll have more to share on that later. The header image is from Terra Invicta.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

Cyber Wars Part 2 - Moar Cyber

You may remember that HMGS, the leading organization in America dedicated to historical tabletop gaming, had to cancel most of their live events this year after the COVID-19 pandemic really kicked into high gear. They eventually put on a digital event called Cyber Wars, back in August.

Cyber Wars 2020 Matrix Games Presentation

It looks like they’re coming back for a second round: CYBËR WÅRS REDUX is being held next week between November 12 - 15, and you can find out all of the details here. There’s loads of virtual events you can sign up for again, including online game sessions and painting workshops. They’ve even set up a Discord server, which is very modern and hip of them.

As last time, we’ll probably get Bill to do a write-up since he’s got nothing better to do, so watch this space.

SGS Afrika Corps release date

Philippe Thibaut and his studio’s next game, SGS Afrika Corps, now has a release date. It will be published by Avalon Digital and releases next week on November 12th. It takes place in North Africa in 1941 & 1942, and you can play as either the Axis or the Allied forces. Features multiple scenarios and area-basesd movement.

Terra Invicta raises Kickstarter funding

Terra Invicta is an upcoming sci-fi grand strategy game from Pavonis Interactive. That may not mean much to a lot of you, but know these are the people who did the Long War mods for XCOM and XCOM 2. Since 2017 they’ve been working on a brand new game, and they just successfully raised $216,000 via Kickstarter to finish development of the game, aiming for a late 2021 release.

Inspired by the premise of XCOM itself, this is a grand strategy simulation where you must lead a faction in trying to expand into, and industrialise the solar system in order to try and mount a defence against a predicted alien incursion. It will involve plenty of management and development (and spaceship design, yay!), but will also feature a real-time combat layer. We’re very much looking forward to seeing how this one develops.

terra invicta space exploration

Field of Glory II: Medieval Interview

You can imagine how excited Bill was when he learned that Byztantine Games were working on a Medieval follow-up to their Field of Glory II tactical wargame. This is just a head-up to say that Slitherine & Matrix Games will be revealing more about the upcoming title next week during a live Q&A and game demo with Richard Bodley-Scott. I imagine we’ll cover it in more detail when the time comes, so watch this space.

field of glory 2 medieval

Winter (sale) is coming (for JTS)

Ok, that was convoluted. The good folk over at Grogheads lit the beacons on this one - JTS has released information as to when they’re holding their winter sale this year. Here’s what was said:

JTS Winter Sale
The JTS Winter Sale will kick off Friday, December 11th and run through the evening of December 31st. All titles that have been out 12 months or longer at that point will be on sale for $29.95.

And the rest…

That's all from us this week, enjoy your weekends!



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