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By Joe Robinson 23 Oct 2020 2

And we’re back! We’ve decided to be a little less strict with the weekly column because sometimes it’s better to just write up news as it comes in, than hoard like some twisted vision of Smaug where instead he sits upon piles of press releases and email notes.

It’s a week of two halves, with digital wargaming being represented by new looks at Armoured Commander 2, Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail, and our review of the Fantasy General II DLC. Then we dived once again into the tabletop world with a look at Blitz Bowl, and then whatever rando historical game Bill’s dredged up this week. It’s still proving to be a relatively slow period in wargame-land, but things are starting to pick up as we head into winter. Header image is from Emperor of the Fading Suns (see below).

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away...

MicroProse reveal new game - Urban Strife

MicroProse have been working away in secret since their triumphant return earlier in the year. They’ve signed or have revealed some pretty interesting games over the past few months - many of them wargames, but some more mainstream strategy games as well.

Their latest project falls in the latter category, although I’m sure many of us here have fond memories of Jagged Alliance. Urban Strife is an ‘old-school’ tactical RPG set in a post-apocalyptic America that’s been destroyed by a Zombie apocalypse. You must rebuild your home base in a back-water town and branch out to deal with local gangs and other factions, all while preparing for the second zombie apocalypse that’s on its way.

Jagged Alliance 2 is cited as a goal-post, but this game looks like it’s attempting to modernise the turn-based tactics genre in some pretty smart ways, especially when you’re dealing with a horde-type enemy. There’s plenty to unpick from the official Steam page, so we suggest you go check it out.

New Regiments screenshots

Speaking of MicroProse, one of their other games, Regiments, released some new screenshots from the currency dev build last week. I like screenshots. These aren't entirely without context - the October developer update goes into more detail as to what these snaps are showing off.

Regiments alpha 1

Regiments alpha 2

Regiments alpha 3

Emperor of the Fading Suns Returns

This classic 4X strategy game from 1997 has been given a second lease of life via GOG.com. It’s available for around a fiver and as with all GOG games it's completely DRM free.

It’s worth noting that the original release was kind of rushed out the door, so the base version of the game is quite buggy and the manual leaves something to be desired. There have since been fan-made patches and mods that have really let the game come into its own, and you can read up more on this over at GrogHeads.

emperor of the fading suns gog

Steam Tabletop fest schedule

As we reported yesterday, the Steam digital ‘Tabletop Fest’ has begun, and the live sessions and game discounts will be running through to Monday. We spoke a bit about the live schedule, but there’s a few more sessions happening today specifically that might be worth tuning in for:

At 8pm BST, legendary wargame design Volko Ruhnke will be holding a live Q&A regarding one of his designs, Labyrinth: War on Terror. This is being adapted as a digital game by Playdek (Twilight Struggle, Fort Sumter), and the developers will be hosting a live game session at 10pm.

And the rest:

That’s all we have for you this week, enjoy your weekends!



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