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By Joe Robinson 04 Sep 2020 0

It’s been an interesting week in the world of wargames. Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 finally got its Steam release (a day early as well), but we also got some welcome news regarding upcoming RTS projects Regiments and Gates of Hell.

The next few months are going to be a bit unpredictable - while updating our Upcoming Wargames 2020 list I noticed how vague things get from here on out. A new game is out tomorrow, but then everything else is just vaguely planned to release before December 31st. Some things have owned up and officially slipped into 2021, but still plenty of other projects that could still release. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargames...

World of Warships turns Five

You know, I’m still not actually sure if World of Warships has officially been ‘released’ yet, considering the version number of the current patch is only 0.9.8 still. Regardless of its state, as a game it’s currently celebrating its fifth birthday with the latest patch.

This new update will include special celebration events and a new campaign that looks at the history of naval development in the early 20th century. It will also add a new temporary game mode with uneven sides, a new Tier VIII US ship that can be constructed via a new Dockyard event and plenty of other goodies and rewards as well.

I’ve always found WoW surprisingly cerebral, and if I had a regular group of people to play it with I’d probably play it more often - while there is definitely grind and the meta is a bit harsh at the higher tiers, it’s the most interesting of Wargaming’s F2P offerings.

Get Radio Commander for £6.78

This is another Humble Bundle alert - so just be aware that if you do end up buying via the link then we get a bit of commission. Humble have put together a ‘Simulation Bundle’ which includes one of last year’s more interesting wargame releases - Radio Commander.

This was the game that put you in charge of a company of soldiers during the Vietnam War, but from the perspective of an officer stuck in the command tent. All you could do was take audio cues, update your own planning map, and issue orders in a rudimentary RTS style. For under £7 it’s worth trying out, but considering this represents the bundle’s second tier, you also get five other games thrown in as well, one of them being the rather excellent Elite Dangerous.

Humble 1C Bundle

New Games Spotted

Two projects were spotted this week that we missed, so we’ll round them up today for you.

The developers of Wars Across the World, Strategiae, have released a new scenario: Wars Across the World: Galicia 1914. It was released a month ago on August 4th. It has a 25-turn campaign that pits Austria-Hungary against the Russian Empire in August/September 1914.

wars across the world galicia 1914

We also almost forgot that Factus Games were making another Making History game. Making History: The First World War returns the series to its’ WW1 routes, and will be out tomorrow.

making history first world war

Warhammer 40K Action Figures return

You may remember late last year Games Workshop decided to partner with Bandai to create an Ultramarine-themed action figure based on the Space Marine Intercessor model from the table-top game. It was a limited run and sold out very quickly. Now, the partnership has been renewed once more with another limited run - this time for an Imperial Fist and Salamander variant of the same action figure.

bandai big battle bros

Pre-orders will be available for one week starting on September 12th. These are all being made to order, so once they close that window that’ll be it. Apparently each figure has 53 points of articulation?

Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism Trailer

Presented without comment, for a change.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week - enjoy your weekends!



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