Wargamer Weekly: All's Quiet on the Western Front

By Joe Robinson 02 Jun 2017 0

It's been a bit of a slow week in the world of wargaming - on the physical side of things, the UK Games Expo is imminent, and a lot of companies save their announcements for that. In the videogame world things are ticking a long as usual.

UK Games Expo

As we've just mentioned, one of the biggest boardgame shows of the UK calendar is this weekend at the Birmingham NEC. It officially started today, so hopefully some of you are already scouting the halls to see what wonders await. It’s not the most wargame-centric show on the calendar, unlike Salute, but companies like Hawk Wargames, Games Workshop and other table-top creators do end up in attendance. We should even get some announcements as well!

Sadly we won’t be able to attend the show next year, but anyone who is going feel free to share any thoughts, images or purchases below!

Matrix Games

As well as a special preview of the new Ork campaign for Sanctus Reach’s upcoming expansion, Matrix games have also published an in-depth analysis of Naval Warfare in The Operational Art of War IV. Bob Cross works through the new naval features and procedures in wonderful depth, so if this is a game that’s on your radar do give it a read.


Expansions for All

We’ve known about Hearts of Iron IV’s Death or Dishonor expansion for a while, and at the recent Paradox Convention in Stockholm they announced Third Rome for Europa Universalis IV. This week they proclaimed that the new premium updates would BOTH be releasing on June 14th. You can be sure we’ll be ready and waiting to put them through their paces.

One Page Rules

Another update has been made to OPR’s Grimdark Future and Age of Fantasy single-sheet rule-sets.

On the not-40K front, a new faction called Mercenaries has been introduced as guns for hire that can be added to any faction. Age of Totally-Not-Sigmar re-names the Forces of Havoc to Havoc Warriors, with new units and rules.

Finally, a general ‘patching of both games:

Grimdark Future

Battle Brother Detachments

  • Fixed the price of the Dark Brothers upgrade for Destroyers

Machine Cult

  • Added 2 new heroes: Vanguard Alpha, Stalker Chief
  • Fixed the price of upgrade list D

Age of Fantasy


  • Corrected upgrade list A so that weapons are A2 instead of A3
  • Corrected upgrade list I so that you can replace one Rifle/Crossbow too

Rift Daemons

  • Added 3 new mounts: Throne of Blood, Flamer Chariot, Razor-Flail Chariot

That's it for this week's update. Have a good weekend, and see you all next week!

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