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By Joe Robinson 06 Apr 2018 0

Not much has been happening in my personal wargaming saga this week due to the bank holiday weekend. I finished the last of our write-ups from the recent trip to see Matrix Games and Slitherine. Things are looking good over there as far as upcoming games are concerned, but we touch more on that below.

More importantly, regular Wargamer columnist Bill Gray has been in ill recently, and will be undergoing heart surgery later this month. Please spare him some ‘get well’ thoughts this weekend.

Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

New Game: Silent Thunder

The creators of War Thunder seem to be working on a new game centred around Submarine combat in the 21st Century. Silent Thunder probably will lean more towards arcade than it will simulation (much like War Thunder).

There was a play test over the weekend just gone – you can check this page out for the details. They’ll probably do another one though so keep an eye out.

Matrix Games & Slitherine

Errr… well this is a first. As far as I can tell, the eternal wargames company has taken a week off this week? Nothing new seems to have come out of the pipeline for them at the time of writing, although we’ve been publishing a fair bit of in-depth coverage on some of their upcoming games recently:

New game: Panzer Doctrine

Another week, another game with ‘Panzer’ in the title. It’s like everyone’s trying to beat Panzer Corps 2 to the punch, or something.


This latest challenger has just launched into Steam Early Access and bills itself as “an unconventional World War II real-time strategy game. It was designed to provide interesting alternative to turn-based hex grid wargames. Complex military simulation of tank warfare on the eastern front.”

Panzer Doctrine currently has a fully playable campaign mode and is due to remain in EA for up to 3 months.

New Armoured Commander II Build

A new build for indie-darling Armoured Commander II has gone live. Here are the details:

It’s now possible to play through an entire campaign day, on either the German or Polish side. I haven’t encountered any crashes in this version but if you do, please let me know at armouredcommander [at] gmail.com – this should at least give you a good idea of where the game is going.

You can download the build here.

Hearts of Iron IV Patch 1.5.2

This week’s Hearts of Iron 4 dev diary looks at the upcoming 1.5.2 Patch, which is hopefully going to release on Monday. One of the neat quality of life improvements coming with the update is the ability to choose which 3D model a division template uses, and you can also preview models for upcoming new equipment.


There’s a change-log on the diary, as well some interesting stats as to what difficulty levels everyone ins playing in the wake of the two new levels that were added. Also, 2-player co-op seems to be the most popular form of multiplayer right now.

Holdfast: Nations at War – New Game Mode

Last but not least, Holdfast has released a new game now: Army Conquest:

...your primary objective in this game mode is to capture and hold more points than the enemy. Neither team will start gathering tickets from captured points unless one faction is in the possession of a greater number of points.

The update mentions you can get tickets by eliminating enemy infantry as well, although this is secondary to the capture of the control points. There’s also a new map – Fort Winston, and in another update the dev team have shared how their work on the upcoming Prussian faction is coming along.

That’s all for this week’s update. Let us know if you spot anything else, otherwise have a great weekend!



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