Wargamer Weekly: Armor, AI and All That Remains

By Joe Robinson 23 Feb 2018 0

This week I’ve been indulging my occasional table-top wargaming interest by finally cracking open something I bought myself for my birthday – GMT Games’ Pendragon: The Fall of Roman Britain. It’s a period history that’s quite interesting, as little is known about how Britannia went to a former Roman-colony to a melting pot of Saxon Kingdoms.


The King Arthur myth, which is a favourite of mine, has what few historical roots exist in this time period as well. As far as the game is concerned, I’m playing it solitaire and it’s the first time I’ve ever dealt with a built-for-purpose solitaire system. It’s taking a little bit to wrap my head around, but the gameplay itself is fun and very diverse amongst the four different factions. I understand this has been a very popular one for GMT, and personally I think it’s ripe for a digital adaptation. We can only hope.


Meanwhile, in the world of wargaming…

Armored Warfare Invades PS4

We first looked at My.com’s modern-day answer to World of Tanks back in 2016, when it was first revealing its ‘Global Operations’ mode to the world. This unlikely ‘WoT-Killer’ hasn’t had the smoothest of rides in the time since – developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher My.com parted ways last year, with the latter assuming full control of the project.

Still, it’s been doing well enough to make a play for Sony’s audience: Armored Warfare is now available on PlayStation 4. It has all the same features and functionality as the PC version (Global Operations, Co-Op & PvP, the tank arsenal…), and PlayStation Plus members get added benefits and content to help give them a leg up.

Also note – you can’t transfer your PC account to the PS4, and there’s no cross-platform multiplayer.

Paradox Interactive

This week’s Hearts of Iron IV diary is mainly looking at the AI, and how the team are trying to improve the behaviour that drivers a lot of the computer’s decision making. For example, the way the AI would assign units via Garrison was less than optimal and looking at the diary you can see the steps the team have taken to fix that.

More interestingly, the guys go into more detail about 'AI Strategic Plans', set behaviour patterns that AI nations will adopt depending on what’s happening around them. For example, France has several ‘plans’ is can be running depending just on what Germany is doing, and whether or not this is a historical play-through.


In other news, it seems that Eugen Systems, the developers of the rather excellent Steel Division: Normandy ’44, are in a spot of trouble. Seems half of their 44-strong development team have walked out, citing breached of French Labour Laws going back 15 months. Our new brothers & sisters-in-arms over at PCGamesN wrote up a more detailed report.

Eugen’s response admitted some problems that they claim were a result of reforms in the French pay system, but generally deny any deliberate wrong-doing and remain open to communication with the people on strike.

Matrix Games/Slitherine

It’s been a bit of a slow week in terms of announcements, but some cool things have trickled through never-the-less.

Those eagerly awaiting the release of the next-generation of Close Combat games will be pleased to note that The Bloody First finally has its own product page. You can see all the officially announced details of the game all in one place, as well as early screenshots. Also, this is pretty cool:

Meanwhile, with table-top dogfighting game-gone-digital Check Your 6! Nearing release, Matrix have released a bunch of infographics looking at the key stats of planes that will be appearing in the game. It’s mainly for historical interest, as none of the information seems pertinent to how these war machines perform in the game, but you may find some of it interesting.

Finally, the second scenario reveal for Command: The Silent Service has been revealed, so you can see what kind of missions you’ll be able to take part in when the stand-alone expansion releases next week. Don’t forget to check out our post yesterday on ASW tactics.

One more thing…

If you happen to buy into anything made by Mantic Games (a table-top company, known of Kings of War amongst other things), they’re doing free shipping on all orders over £10/$20 from now until Monday.

That’s all for this week’s round-up – have a good weekend, and happy gaming!



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